The Eternals: one of the best Marvel movies

Hello, My Movievaures! I’m more than excited to be writing about one of the most expected movies of the year: The Eternals. As you’ve seen in the title, my opinion of this movie is pretty straightforward: it is one of the best Marvel movies I’ve ever seen. This might seem strange, especially when seeing the current critics being quite negative about it. That’s why it seemed important to me to clarify some things. So let’s get into it.

The Eternals are a group of superpowered immortal individuals, created by the Celestial Arishem that were sent to earth 7 million years ago to fight against Deviants, dark entities threatening life on every planet. This movie follows ten Eternals on their quest to save humanity, the relationship they build together, and the upcoming threat that has been raised from their past menacing everything they’ve fought for.

I’ve rarely seen such a great film production in the Marvel universe. I knew Chloé Zhao (Nomadland) directed it, but I still wasn’t ready for what I was going to experience, because this is clearly not the typical superhero film. This is probably why some of the critics have been quite harsh, with the lowest rate of a Marvel movie on Rottentomatoes (48%), while the audience score is radically different around 85%.

Marvel Studios Reportedly Developing Eternals 2

Indeed, the storyline is based on the Marvel comics of the same name, but the way this story is told is just captivating. I was absolutely in from the first scene until the end of the 2h37min. It is impressive to see the Eternals’ arrival on earth, how they interact with humans, defend them while not interfering in their conflicts, their fights againts the Deviants and how some of them immerged themselves into humanity.

Marvel's Eternals release date, cast, plot and more

The most exciting part of this movie are not the action scenes, even if they were quite epic as we have look a like gods fighting powerful beings. What I enjoyed the most is seeing this group of Eternals interact with each others and the relationships created through this common goal. Seeing them together through the ages, not only defending humanity but also working alongside it and get to see our species evolve, for some of them get deeply attached to us. It can even be said that is an ode to humanity.

Marvel's Eternals Post-Credits Scenes Explained: What They Mean for the MCU  - Den of Geek

Lastly, The Eternals avoid all the shortcuts and easy explanations it could have fallen easily. We get the focus needed to understand the stakes and open up new storylines that will be later introduced in this Phase 4. The character development is deep and really touching. Of course, the love story is an important part of this plot that actually balances between a genuine fragility and the epicness of myths and gods.

Critique Les Éternels : Chloé Zhao sublime l'esthétique Marvel mais le  scénario tombe à plat

In short, The Eternals is a Marvel movie without actually being one. It is less based on the action and adventure, and more on the relationships and the importance of self determination. You can feel the quality of Zhao’s filmmaking and view of the world, especially on the duality of Humanity between the greatness and the evil. The sets are magnificent and it is more than necessary to live this experience on the big screen.

Angelina Jolie Thena GIF - Angelina Jolie Thena Eternals - Discover & Share  GIFs

This is all for today my Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed this review and let me know in the comments down below your thoughts on this latest Marvel Movie. Also, follow me on Instagram for more news and live reviews. I’ll see you in a few days for a new review on The Movievaures.

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