About me

Hi there ! I’m Vanessa Penel, creator and author of The Movievaures!


I lived my childhood between the United States and China. Living as a spy, an historian , a top model and a president. Seeking the good, but sometimes surrounded by evil. Anchored in real life, but mostly with my head in the clouds.

I’m not a adventurer, maybe a dreamer. I’m essentially a movie lover. Always searching for a new story to watch, live and tell.

I  want to speak about movies that I loved or hated, that moved me or did nothing at all. Not only because I’m passionate and it’s part of who I am, but essentially because acting is a job which celebrates human feelings in all forms and colors.

If you are here, I hope you share my passion for movies and shows and that you will enjoy spending some time on The Movievaures blog.

You can also follow me on Instagram: the_movievaures

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