Riverdale: what is happening?

Hello, My Movievaures! I hope you are fine and safe (once again I know, things haven’t changed much since last week, unfortunately).

I had many ideas for this article today. Mostly because I spend my time watching new stuff online. However, I decided to write about a subject that I already treated a few months ago here: Riverdale.  I know, it is not the latest TV show in vogue right now on Netflix, but I thought it was a good time to give my opinion on it as it has evolved quite a lot since the first season.

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There are 4 seasons now and it is clear to say that much has changed since 2017 when the first episode aired. When I saw the first season, I was quite excited by this show. It was cheezy of course. Very cliché sometimes with the teenage genre, but with a lot of potentials: really good actors, an interesting plot, a dark ambiance… A good cocktail for success and it actually was and still is. However, the storyline has diverged a lot from the first season and sometimes makes me question the credibility of the show.

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I know it sounds harsh and don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy watching Riverdale and this “little wicked town’s’ story, but I think it is more because if the attachment I have to the show rather than the actual interest I have for a plot that has no sense anymore. It started with a murder mystery and we are not at a point in which we don’t really anymore what we are talking about. There is barely a main storyline and there are many side stories that you don’t know what is important anymore. You know, something that I really enjoy while watching characters work on a mystery is to see the same details they see and try to solve it with them. However, when there are so many mysteries it is impossible to keep up.

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I still think the characters and the actors who play them are really good. I actually like how they play their roles and keep the show alive, even though their actions are not always completely coherent with who they are. This last season will be missing 3 episodes due to the current situation and I’m having trouble seeing how they will close the current plot without doing something rush and without no sense at all. I just hope the writers will listen to the current critics, as I’m far from being the only one to have this opinion.

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In short, I think it is a shame that the plot doesn’t make sense anymore. The whole Riverdale universe is actually amazing and there is so much potential that I feel has been wasted since the end of season 1. I will keep watching it because as I said I’m still attached to the characters and Archie’s comics baseline. However, they need to improve the quality of the main story, if not they will lose a lot of viewers, including me. 

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This is all for today My Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you also watched all seasons of Riverdale, let me know your opinion in the comments down below. See you next week for another review.

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