Spider-Man: far from home (no spoilers)

Hello My Movievaures ! I hope you had a great week.

I had the chance to go and see Spider-Man: Far from home this weekend, and to be frankly honest, I’m neither thrilled or disappointed by it.

As you rapidly know from the trailer, this movie happens after the events of Endgame, which was one of the best Marvel’s movies of all times. Thus, I’m not surprises of my very neutral reaction to this new Spider-Man movie, which was thought, a good one; don’t get me wrong.

So let’s get more into details.


As I said before, the events happen after Endgame and (SPOILER ALERT) the death of Tony Stark. So now, Spider-Man feels more alone than ever as a Super heroe and prefers to focus on his trip to Europe, with his school mates and the girl he likes. Everything a normal teenager does. However, and as we all know by now, he is not a normal teenager and he will need to face, alone, a new vilain. Which one? I will not tell you as if I do I’ll spoil you big time.


Nevertheless, what I can say is that the main story gravitates around this idea of Peter not feeling up to the role Tony Stark gave him: be a full and responsible member of the Avengers. So when Fury tries to reach out to him for help he tries to avoid it as much as he can. But of course, you cannot be free from Fury for a long time, even if you are Spider-Man.


The storyline makes complete sense regarding the previous events in other Marvel’s films and stays consistent with the character. I would say that is not incredible but quite amusing; with the tipical humour our new spidy has, but the seriousness a hero should have.


The action, on the other side, is as amazing as a Spider-Movie in 2019 could be. The CGI is just a masterpiece, specially with Mysterio’s (aka Jake Gyllenhaal) scenes, surrounding illusions. Nothing really special to say about the characters, as we already know most of them. Tom Holland is very good inpersonating Spider-Man and I appreciate seeing him on screen with the costume. Mysterio is the newcomer in this movie, and Jake Gyllenhaal, is as always, very good at his job. I would say I didn’t quite loved his character, but neither did I hate him.


I would finish on that note. Far from home is not an impressive movie, but quite amusing to actually be worth seeing it. Don’t forget the first goal of this genre is to entertain you, and this movie does quite well its job.

That is all my Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed reading this article on Spider-Man: Fra from home. See you soon in a few days for a new review on Stranger Things, Season 3.




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