The (new) Lion king !

Heelloo my Movievaures ! I hope you are having a great day! Today I’m feeling good, and you know why? Because I went straight back to childhood with one of my favorite Disney of all times: The Lion King.

Yes, finally! I went to see it this week, with no more than my sister who was also crazy about this movie as I was when we were kids. Anyways, who wasn’t really?


I think this movie doesn’t need any introduction at is now a classic, so no need to say “spoiler alert” (right?).  However, what I can say about the storyline is that you should really not expect anything else that you already know.  Simba is just cuter and Scar is more terrifying.


I had a fantastic time seeing all the epic scenes I constantly watched as a kid on my small TV. But this time, the computer-animated science behind it made it enjoyable for an adult, with less imagination than a child. My sister and I were absolutely crazy, reacting to every scene as we were kids: dying of cuteness when seeing baby Simba being lifted up by Rafiki; crying when Mufasa dies; shouting of excitement when Simba comes back to his kingdom. Nothing new, but we were absolutely happy to see it all again with much more animated animals than before.


Is it worth it? I would say yes. The animation is really good and quite realistic. They were not searching for a 100% accuracy with reality, because is still based on a cartoon and their target is children. However, is a very refreshing way to see and old school movie. Moreover, I would say this movie was also made to attract adults who grew up with The Lion King and make them enjoy again the magic of Disney movies.


The songs are still amazing and sooo good to listen to them again with new voices such as Beyoncé or Donald Glover, but also with voices, we already know as James Earl Jones aka Mufasa). Every scene is also very resemblant to the cartoon’s one. However, I don’t know if it’s because now it’s a very important and trendy subject but the whole “circle of life” song and “how we are all connected” theme really resonated in a time where nature and biodiversity are in danger.


In short, if you have children or not just give it a try, you will not be disappointed. Remember, this is for fun, don’t take it too seriously. You should just enjoy go back to childhood or make your kids discover something that inspired you and made you dream as a kid. 


This is it my Movievaures ! I hope you enjoyed reading my last article on The Lion King. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to finish season 3 of Stranger Things, but it’s on my list don’t worry.


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