Chernobyl : the latest phenomenon !

Hello My movievaures ! I hope you had a great week. Last time I gave my opinion on GOT’s last season (feel free to read if you haven’t here) so I will keep the momentum, writing once again about a TV show, but not any kind of show !


Well, I suppose you know what I will be talking about if you have read the title: Chernobyl. This show has an average rating of 9.6 stars out of 10, making it the highest rated TV show on IMDb. Some compare this show to Game of Thrones and Braking Bad; of  course not because of the similarities of the story but because of the well written scenario, the great actors and a very active rythm; or that is what I heard.


So I was very curious to discover this show and I literaly watched it in 2 days. Was it worth it? Absolutely ! And here are the reasons why I also beleive Chernobyl is a great show:

  • The scenario

You can think that because it is based on a real story, there is no real scenario work. However, don’t forget the amount of bad movies based on real good stories, so the scenario and how it is written is really important. Here, they did a great job on respecting the whole true story while making it very exciting to watch. They were very accurate on how they told this story to show the respect it deserves, but it’s still not a documentary so you have the whole ups and downs in terms of emotions ; as a great show should make you feel.


I knew Chernobyl’s story but didn’t know all the details of what happened that day and the following months/years after the incident. Is quite impressive how accurate they are with everything that happened and even when they invented some characters or scenes, it’s very close to reality. Everything starts on the day of the accident and the storie goes on from that until years after so can really see the impact of such a disaster. However if you don’t really like dark stories, gore scenes or very stressful situations on screen this is not a show for you. It’s hard sometimes to watch, even for me, but it’s a true story so I feel like is necessary to be exposed to what happened (even in a tv show) to realize the importance of not reproducing the same mistake all over again.

  • The characters/Actors

The casting is just amazing. To start with, the main characters are Jared Harris as Valeri Legassov and Stellan Skarsgârd as Boris Evdokimovich Chtcherbina. This both incredible actors play perfectly this 2 real characters that have marked the history of the USSR and played a vital role in maintaining order in a situation of chaos. Do not misunderstand me, we do not speak here of heroes; pure and honest. We are talking about real people facing an almost impossible task, and Jared and Stellan play this whole situation perfectly, putting us in the shoes of 2 completely different man who needed to act together to save millions of lives.


However, Chernobyl is not only focused on them but it also encompasses many stories of people impacted by this nuclear disaster. Families, soldiers, doctors losing their lives, or an significant part of it, because of something completely out of their control, that they barely understood. Every character is so simply human that you can absolutely sympathize with them in every of their choices, their reactions and feelings. This makes this show incredible, but also difficult sometimes, to watch.

In short, I absolutely and completely agree with the amazing rating this show has and the positive feedback it received. Is just so realistic, well written and catching that is worth your time; every minute of it. The best part, is that producers will not be able to ruin this show with a second season ! 

This is it my Movieavaures, the end of my article. I hope seeing you soon on my blog!


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