Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

Hello, My Movievaures! I hope you had a great week and weekend.

Today I’m going to talk about something I’m not really used to a Netflix documentary and more specifically, Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez. I do not tend to write a lot about documentaries and is quite surprising as I like a lot of them.

Especially now, with Netflix, we have access to a lot of them, some pretty interesting and captivating and others which catch your attention, but you regret spending time watching them. So when I heard about this new documentary on Aaron Hernandez, first of all, I asked my self who the hell is that guy? Of course, I know many of you, sports fans are already criticizing me for not knowing, but I think I was far from being the only not knowing who he was or what he has done.


Good for me, I had a docu-series all about him! So I watched it completely unaware of what I was going to discover. As a typical person, I’ll be honest, I like murder documentaries. I know it sounds morbid but most of the time they are made in a way that is very intriguing. So what about this one? Well, it sometimes follows the same kind of pattern that we are used to on this shows: a story about the childhood, tense music at critic points, many people telling their testimony, showing how the main character of the story is an amazing person until… their first murder!


Because, yes, if you haven’t realized it yet, this documentary is about Aaron Hernandez, a famous American football player who became a murderer when he was at the top game of his career. I’m not spoiling anything here, either for those who knew the story beforehand and also for those who didn’t as the title says it all: Killer Inside. Nevertheless, even if I found a lot of similarities to other types of murder series, I quite enjoyed watching this one as it also helped to understand the kind of pressure a professional athlete can live on a daily basis.


Of course, this doesn’t justify a thing and to be honest, sometimes I asked myself if the creators of this docu-series didn’t try to soften Aaron Hernandez’s guilt by giving some explanation on health and mental issues. I would say that is the only possible negative point I could find on this show. Otherwise, every episode is quite captivating. His story is well explained by people who knew him as well as all the media that surrounded him by being famous. There is also a good explanation of the long term effects of playing American football and how it impacted the lives of many players and their families.


So in short, if you like murder documentaries and you want to get to know the story of how a famous athlete became a serial killer this show is worth watching. You will also get to know more about American Football and all the money and political stakes around it.

This is all for today My Movievaures! I know this show has been watched by a lot of people and had many positive, but also negative feedback. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! See you next week.

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