Little Women – The Movie

Hello My Movievaures ! I hope you had a great week and weekend.

Today I want to talk about a good surprise I had 2 weeks ago: Little Women. I know it seems weird that I added “The Movie” to the title, but for those who didn’t know, Little Women, is originally a book written by Louisa May Alcott in 1868 and the second volume was published the following year. The movie was released in the UK on the 26th of December, so 151 years after the book’s publication.


Movies, based on other times are absolutely not a new thing, directors have been doing it for ages. However, most of the time we go to see those movies to know more about that time that seems so different from ours and kind of time travel. Of course, we have this feeling too with Greta Gerwig’s movie, but it is actually more timeless than I thought. Of course, before seeing it on screen I had read the synopsis so I knew this movie was going to touch on topics that are still relevant today. However, I didn’t expect such an accurate depiction of today’s stakes on feminism, love, and society.


I went to see this movie with my parents, and as we were leaving the theater, we were talking about our opinion and feelings about it. My mom actually knew about it before seeing it on screen as she read the books when she was a child and also she had watched some other adaptations of the book done previously. I didn’t, but she told me that it was quite accurate and very close to what she pictured as a kid, This was for me a good indication that the film is good as book readers can be very critic with movie adaptations. As I had no idea whatsoever that a book existed or watched any of the past adaptations, I saw the movie with objective eyes.


The story follows the life of the March sisters and the people around them: Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth. The movie jumps back and forward through time in their lives as we manage to understand better their personalities and choices as their relationships with one another. Jo (aka Saoirse Ronan) is the main character, but every one of them brings something interesting and passionate about the story. I would not get very deep into the plot as is not the easiest to describe, but also because it’s always better to see it from your own eyes. What I will say is that the events happen in the second half of the 19th century in the United States, in a world where women were always put in the background.


However, this movie is based on women’s lives in priority and through their own perspective. So it is very interesting to see that even though they all have different ideas of what happiness is they all want the same thing in the end: to be able to choose what they want to do in their lives. And when you think about it, that is what feminism is about. Is to give to all women the right to choose, whether is to become successful businesswomen or to live at home and raise their children. I believe this a powerful message, especially today when all seems to get complicated.


In terms of acting, I have nothing to say except that every actor mastered perfectly their character’s personality. Saoirse Ronan is just perfect in her role and I also think the male characters are very well interpreted. They are all moving and powerful people in their own way


In short, if you have read the books or haven’t I think you will enjoy this movie. Nothing really extraordinary happens through it but is a very good depiction of normal people’s lives and how everyone tries to find their own happiness.

That is all for today My Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let me know in the comments if you liked this movie. See you all next week for a new review.