Wednesday: Tim Burton is back

Hello My Movievaures! I hope you had a great start to the year. I’m back with Tim Burton’s latest work: Wednesday. I know I’m pretty late to the party, but I watched it immediately when it was released. I didn’t have the time to release this article before with all the content to watch and that I want to write about. Nevertheless, it is here so let’s get into it. But as usual, let’s get to the non-spoilers part:

Have you heard about the Addams family? Of course, you do! And here we follow the daughter of the family, Wednesday as she starts attending Nevermore Academy, the same school her parents, Morticia and Gomez met when they were also teenagers. As she tries to get hold of her psychic abilities and detach herself from her parents’ inheritance, she will discover a mystery that has everything she loves: murder, darkness, secrets, and much blood.

I wouldn’t say this is Tim Buton’s best work, but it was truly enjoyable. You can feel Netflix’s influence here, mainly on the teen drama aspect of this show, but honestly, you could feel the typical atmosphere that makes Burton’s artwork very distinctive. The gothic style was ubiquitous naturally, as well as the presence of guttural monsters and strong musical scenes. Visually speaking, this show is great. There are interesting production ideas and I actually felt quite transported into the Addams universe.

Obviously, this is still a teen horror-comedy so don’t expect something very mature. This show is still addressing the same typical subjects of any coming-of-age story: how to become your own self, the first love interests, the importance of friendship, etc… But, everything is wrapped in a dark ambiance that makes it more interesting. Many of these subjects are addressed through some elements of the story as the opposition between “normies” and “outcasts”, the different powers the outcasts can have or are developing, and the monster who is killing people who are different or close to the truth.

I enjoyed having a mystery element because I wasn’t expecting it at first. I thought the main story will be around Wednesday’s arrival at this new strange school, but I appreciated it because it allowed her to demonstrate all of her talents and intelligence for which the character is known. Everything is not perfect, far from that, but the highlight of this show is clearly the main character. Jenna Ortega does an amazing job portraying this obnoxious, confident and creepy young woman who finds herself in the middle of a series of murders while navigating the life of a “normal” teenager.

In short, Wednesday made a big impression in today’s pop culture, taking elements of the original Addams story indeed, while incorporating the elements characterizing a coming-of-age story full of modernism. The best part of this show is clearly Jenna Ortega as Wednesday and of course Thing, so for next seasons, I hope the secondary characters will be better developed. But overall, it was a nice experience with interesting ideas and a consistent storyline. I’m looking forward to what’s next! This is all for today My Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed this article, but let me know in the comments down below or on Instagram (the_movievaures). See you next week!

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