Hello, My Movievaures! Happy Holidays to you all! And as a gift for my favorite holiday of the year, today’s article will be about Andor, one of the best shows of 2022 and from the Star Wars universe so far. Don’t worry I won’t forget The Mandalorian that still has an important place in my heart. I was thrilled when this show was first announced because I absolutely loved Rogue One and felt it had the potential to be as good. It was a great experience, but let’s get to the non-spoilers part first:

Andor explores another perspective of the Star Wars Universe, highlighted already in Rogue One: The Rebellion. Here we will focus on a known character, Cassian Andor, on his first steps into the Rebellion and the spy network that has been built by other followers of the cause. His journey will take us to unknown planets, some familiar ones and we will get to know some new interesting characters that will hugely impact his path. We will also see the horrors of the empire, and how sometimes the rebellion is forced to play the same dark game.

From the beginning, I knew this show was going to be amazing. It had everything to be successful: an amazing storyline, great characters, and enough of the Star Wars Universe without giving up on the fan service. So it was clearly disappointing that this show didn’t have as much visibility because of other shows that had much more awareness. Disney said they exceeded their expectations and that the viewer’s feedback was great, but I’m still annoyed that this show is not really visible to many non-star wars fans.

In any case, as I said before I had a great time watching Andor. It is always a bit tricky to build a story around a character that we all know will die in the future. Not only because some people might have a hard time getting attached to the character, but also because you know he will not really be in danger throughout the current story. None of the less, Andros’s story served as an excuse to immerse yourself into The Rebels’ battle against The Empire.

It was very exciting to see how Cassian goes from being a self-centered, selfish, and unsubmissive man to someone who will live for something way bigger than himself. This doesn’t come easy and even if he already had a difficult life, he needs to go through much more suffering and grief to make the leap. And that’s what is great with this show, is that no one-sided character. They all have legit goals, most of them quite honorable, but the means can. be as dark as the most villain sith.

Something that most viewers were happy about this show was the fact that we had the chance to discover other planets, cultures, and interesting characters other than the typical Tatooine. It is true that we had more humans than aliens as characters, but other than that it was amazing to get to know Ferrix’s customs and even to see Corrusant in a different way. The stakes for each character are quite important and so even if you know that Cassian will not die, you fear for the other ones that you actually got attached to and want to see how he will become one of the most dangerous rebels for The Empire.

In short, Andor is a great show that deserves way more acknowledgment than it currently has. It is exciting, interesting, and outstanding. The action scenes were nice, and the landscapes were breathtaking. The plot was always consistent and for once it was good to feel satisfied at the end of a Star Wars show and wanting for more. I think Andor will have a second season and it has much to explore, so I’m looking forward to it. This is all for today My Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed this article and let me know in the comments down below your thoughts on Andor. Have a great Holiday and end of the year. See you next week for more!

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