Hello, My Movievaures! I hope you had an amazing week. I’m back with a new article, once again on a summer release. We had so many things to watch during the summer that it took time until I was able to watch and review Jordan Peele’s latest movie: Nope. To be honest, I didn’t see his other two movies of the same genre, Get Out & US, but everyone told me I truly needed to. I didn’t yet, but I decided to start with his latest one, Nope to check what the talk was all about. Let’s get to the non-spoilers part:

Nope follows two siblings, Emerald and OJ who are running the family’s ranch after the mysterious death of their father. Struggling to maintain their legacy they will soon see an opportunity to survive in a series of strange phenomena coming from above. This sinister, but wonderful entity will completely transform their lives and put them at risk.

What can I say… I absolutely loved this movie. It was so bizarre, yet so clear in its intentions that it was an amazing experience. The actors on one side are absolutely stunning, communicating such a wide range of emotions and sublimating their characters which were amazingly written. The consistency in their actions and thoughts, while not always understandable to us, is perfect, making us believe everything that is happening makes complete sense.

Another huge highlight of this movie is the setting: this huge and arid ranch which allows the camera to play with colors, shadows and large areas of nothingness that confirms how monumental is the creature in the sky. And about that… it was such a clever way to bring back at first the UFO subject, while giving this whole new element to this extraterrestrial being: animality. Because Nope is all about this: the animal world and its rules. The prey and the predator and how to coexist.

Lastly, I would say that what I enjoyed the most was seeing the siblings interact with each other. This love and hate relationship that most of us have with out brothers & sisters, but always willing to sacrifice everything for the other one. It was astonishing to see how by having this common goal to record this supernatural/alien angel/monster, four character find themselves fighting against their own fears and fulfilling their own dreams. Of course, I cannot go without mentioning Steven Yeun’s character and his backstory which seems not to have much to do with the main story, but actually shows how when trauma is not healed we are meant to repeat errors from the past.

In short, Nope is not a horror movie, neither a wester or a dark comedy. Is actually all of that in one and single movie. It is hilarious to see OJ’s reactions to this shocking events happening around him. It is horrific to see the blood flow from the creatures “mouth” on the white house, as well as the chimpanzee killing everyone on set. It is beautiful to see the horses ride into the desert…This movie is a hell of an experience and I’m excited to see other Jordan Peele’s movies for certain! This is all for today My Movievaures, I hope you enjoyed this article and let me know your thoughts on Nope in the comment section below or on my Instagram (the_movievaures). See you soon!

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