The Sandman

Hello, My Movievaures! September is just starting and I’m already missing the holidays. So, to remind myself of nicer moments, I’ll write about Netflix’s latest comic adaptation: The Sandman. Exactly one month ago, it was released on the platform generating a lot of reactions on the net. Some are praising this adaptation, while others have been criticizing Netflix’s agenda. My opinion? Well, let’s get to it. But first, the non-spoilers part!

After Dream, AKA, The Sandman (aka Morpheus, AKA… Just kidding, you got it), gets trapped in the human world and is held captive, chaos is unleashed in the dream realm as well as in the mortal world. As he finally manages to escape, he is set on a journey across different worlds and timelines in order to fix the consequences of his absence that are putting at stake existence itself.

First of all, I will clarify something really quick. This is not a show that was changed in order to fit Netflix’s goal of pleasing every minority while not creating deep storylines and, good character development. For those thinking that it truly means you have no clue about The Sandman’s original story in the comics, where it already had many LGBTQ+ characters. And for those who still don’t care, why are you watching this type of show anyways? If the only reason you don’t like this show is because of some characters’ sexual orientation, or skin color, despite a profound messaging and consistent plot, that says a lot about you and not in a good sense believe me.

Anyways, now that we can put this whole stupid controversy aside, let’s get to the interesting stuff. Let me tell you, I absolutely loved this show, even though I knew very little about the original story. I asked around me, those who’ve read the comics, and most of them were also quite satisfied with this adaptation and that says a lot about it. For instance, the setting is absolutely stunning playing with so many imaginative ideas of color, and music, making dreams and nightmares come true.

Of course, the storyline already existed and was already a worldwide success, but we can give Netflix’ some merit as per respecting the original plot, with some small changes that actually add up to the understanding and consistency of it. I also quite enjoyed how they’ve decided to split each story into 2-3 episodes while keeping the main storyline running in the background. This allowed the writers to explain the main rules of this universe without making it obvious, as well as develop Dream as an endearing but complex character and open the door to other stories that might come in a near future.

Overall, I would say The Sandman was a great experience, visually as well as in storytelling speaking. It was great getting to know this universe that I knew little about through other stories like Lucifer or Constantine. I truly hope they will soon confirm season 2 and that they will give it the same amount of work and budget so we can continue on a great journey. Well, this is all for today My Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed this article and let me know in the comments down below your thoughts on The Sandman. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (the_movievaures).

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