Stranger Things: THE END!

Hello, My Movievaures! I hope you had an amazing weekend and enjoyed the last article on Thor-Love & Thunder! Today I’m back with a new review on the expected Stranger Things Season 4. It has been a long road since we first met our endearing characters in 2016 and no matter your opinion on this show, it has been a worldwide phenomenon from its beginning. So, was this latest season up to the expectations? Well, let’s get right into it. Of course, there will be SPOILERS so if you haven’t watched seasons 1 to 3 I recommend reading my previous article (here).

At first I was a bit surprised about Netlix choice of splitting this season in two. We are used to this with them, but part 2 being only composed of two episodes was a bit strange. After watching it, I actually think it is pretty great. The momentum was kept, especially thanks to all the visibility given to this season online and the ending of episode 7. Even though it sometimes felt like a deja-vous, I think the way they developed the plot was smart and interesting enough to keep my attention.

Some might say that a couple of the subjects that were addressed during this last season were portrayed in a stereotypical way: depression, bullying, sexual identity… However, even though I also think it wasn’t very subtle, it wasn’t something I was expecting from this show. I clearly enjoyed Max’ storyline and her state of mind after the death of her step brother in season 3. Eleven’s struggle in her new high school was also disarming as well as her desire to hide this from Mike. Eddie was also a highlight of this season and loved the chemistry with Chrissy (sorry for her…).

Other than this, it is true that while the supernatural plot was building up, nothing was as impacting. But then, there were horrible murders, fights against Russians and killer nightmares… A usual in Stranger Things indeed, but I thought that the references to some horror classics were pretty amazing and it truly felt like all of them were in danger all the time and everyone could die at any moment. This wasn’t the case in the last two seasons, especially when we quickly discovered that Hopper was only being kept captive. This sense of urgency in truly dealing with what was happening helped keep a good rhythm even though the first two episodes might seem a bit slow.

In any case I was glad to know that their storyline was coming to an end because I was getting scared this show was going to be polluted by Netflix’s greedeness. It is a bit, I will not lie, but I think the writers and actors manage to preserve this show’s soul. We still have some memorable moments like the Running up that hill scene or Eleven’s flashbacks with 001 killings. Even the characters that were only introduced to us this season became quite endearing – of course, I’m talking about Eddie, but also Dimitri.

I’m not sure season 5 will an amazing finale of this great show, but at least they build up something quite interesting. I will be curious to see how they are going to survive this near-apocalypse situation, but I’m sure they will be fine. None of less, we now know that nobody is safe. In short, I quite enjoyed this season and even though it is not perfect I think it absolutely does the job. Let me know in the comments down below your thoughts on Season 4. I’ll be back next week with a new review on The Movievaures!

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