Ricky Gervais: Supernature

Hello, My Movievaures! I’m back today with a new article, this time neither on a show or a movie, but on a stand-up show that made me piss my pants: Ricky Gervais – Supernature. I know this show was in the middle of a controversy, but I’ve decided to write about it mainly in a positive way because it points out something I truly believe: we all need comedy in our lives. So, let’s get into it! By the way, there will not be any spoilers part because, well… there are no spoilers here!

Listen, I understand there are many battles fought by a lot of people around the world, and some of them constantly hearing the same jokes can feel disrespectful. I get it, but I also believe not everyone deals with their issues in the same way. If I take my example, I’m a feminist in a very old-fashioned job where I constantly hear jokes about women, and clearly, I hate it. None of the less, I love laughing at some of the most clichés jokes about our gender from some comedians, like Ricky Gervais for instance. What is the difference then? Well, there resides the subtly.

Jokes that are made with the only purpose to hide some unspoken thoughts are the ones we should be fighting against. I know it is not always easy to tell them apart, but I believe that most of us can actually spot them. There are some comedians who keep targeting the same personas, categories of people, and minorities. It becomes like a brand for them and they start having a certain type of followers proclaiming that “finally” someone is breaking the awful political correctness. Well, those are the ones that should be avoided of course.

So, why do I believe Ricky Gervais is not in this category? Because he jokes about every single thing and mainly about himself. Of course, he plays with stereotypes and he is provocative as hell so I’m absolutely not surprised that he pisses some people off. However, he points out something interesting that we should keep in mind, that comedy shouldn’t be comfortable, it should be fun. I know how hard it is to defend some causes, but it is really important to sometimes take a step back, see what is happening around us and just laugh at how ridiculous all this can be: how is it possible to still believe in the patriarchy, not tolerate LGBTQ+, be racist…? Well, unfortunately, all of this still exists, and having a good laugh about it from time to time helps (at least in my case) to breathe and get back at it again.

I know this article is not an explanation or clear review of the stand-up show, but I felt it was important to present another point of view on all of this drama on the internet. I know controversy is always around Ricky Gervais, but mainly because he is a worldwide known comedian and sometimes his ways are not understood in countries like the United States. I only hope that even though you can dislike the character and not enjoy his jokes, it is possible to understand that comedy shouldn’t be shut down because it feels uncomfortable. This is all for today My Movivaures! I’ll see you next week for a new article and in the meantime don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

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