Phoenix Rising

Hello, My Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I’m finally excited to publish this article today as I truly appreciated watching HBO’s documentary on the actress, Evan Rachel Wood’s experience as a survivor of domestic violence: Phoenix Rising. It’s not an easy subject to approach, but necessary to highlight and I was absolutely moved by this documentary’s transparency. Let me tell you more… But before, the non-spoilers part:

Phoenix Rising not only shares Evan Rachel Wood’s exposure to Brian Hugh Warner’s violence and how she survived it, but also how this experience led her to activism and encountering other women in the same situation. It can be said that Phoenix rising plays with the sensational, showing some scenes only to create a feeling of discomfort and attract those who desire trash drama. None of the less, sometimes reality can be as awful as the worse fictional stories and it never felt like Evan was trying to do something else other than telling her truth and those of millions of other women victim of domestic abuse.

Indeed, Phoenix Rising is focused on Evan’s experience and by being a famous actress, maybe her voice is better heard than others. However, since the beginning she tries to highlight the fact that she is here to tell her story, but also allow other MM’s victims to feel like they are not alone. Before even watching this 2 episodes documentary, I only knew about this story through Evan’s Instagram post last year and discovered there were many other victims in these series. Even though many could say it was foreseeable when you think about Warner’s alter ego personality Marylin Manson, but it is never expected until it happens. This was clearly stated during the entire show.

I think how Evan presented her past, to explain how vulnerable she was when she met her abuser, was an smart introspective, only to highlight how this predators work: they find someone they feel they can isolate and manipulate for their own pleasure. They are also well aware the system is there to protect them from the consequences of their actions. That’s why I also found extremely interesting to present how she and other victims used activism like a form of therapy as well as way to bring more justice to the world, especially for women.

This is all for today My Movievaures. I truly recommend this documentary to everyone as it really highlights some topics that are really important to me and should be for everyone. Let me know in the comments down below your thoughts on it if you’ve watched it already. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Instragram for more news. I’ll be back next week with a new article on The Movievaures.

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