Hello, My Movievaures! I hope you had a great week. I’m back with a new article on a very strange and astonishing movie: Fresh. I was really curious about it, especially seeing that two of my favorite 2021 actors were the headline: Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones. But I was even more interested when I was the first trailer, exposing what would be a quite atypical comedy-thriller. Let me tell you more!

Fresh is a comedy thriller, dangerously close sometimes to a horror movie which can be a no-no for some of you. Nevertheless, it is a good allegory of the modern dating world and its dangers. If you don’t take it too literally, it actually exposes most of the fears, at least heterosexual women have while meeting new men. Sebastian Stan’s performance is the highlight of this movie and his seductive personality really brings up fear in all of us.

Fresh premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2022 and it was already praised by many critics. It tells the story of Noa (aka Daisy Edgar-Jones, known from Normal People), a young woman trying to navigate the awfulness of the online dating world, meeting with the worse kind of dumb guys you don’t even want to discuss with. While getting tired of the absurdity of her love life, she meets Steve, a thirty-something charming man who filters with her during grocery shopping.

This random encounter feels natural, even refreshing, and even if her best friend doesn’t feel comfortable with his lack of social media presence and his spontaneity, Noa wants to believe this could be her chance of finally meeting someone she connects with. And that is when the horror starts. When Noa feels comfortable enough, he reveals his true intentions: kidnapping her to cut parts of her body, bit by bit, sending it to deranged cannibal customers while satisfying his own diet.

In the end, I don’t know how to feel about the message of this movie. I actually think is quite depressing to feel like you can’t trust no one and that sometimes you want to believe people have good intentions because you are tired of meeting boring or rude people. However, is it not what most of us live day today? Probably. In any case, I think the goal of this movie wasn’t to take away our hope in modern love, but mainly to address some topics that might be put aside: the dangers of trusting people you don’t know; how women can be mistreated; how it is not the victim’s fault, NEVER; the strength of friendship and finally how some victims can actually become accomplices of their torturers (I’m mainly speaking about Ann of course).

As I said in the non-spoilers section, Sebastian Stan was astonishing and when I think about all of his roles, I’m impressed with how he nailed this part. From the first half of the movie, he is as charming as hell. Even I would love to be hit by a man like that in a supermarket. But of course, I knew it was a thriller so I was already expecting a bit of a shit-show. I enjoyed watching Daisy’s performance again on screen, since Normal People, however, I wasn’t impressed either because her character actually made me think of some of the other roles I’ve seen her in.

In short, Fresh is quite a refreshing comedy-thriller movie (of course this was intended, guys..). I had a really good time watching it and realizing how sarcastic this entire movie is, especially when highlighting the absurdity of modern relationships and the dating world. I absolutely recommend this movie and I’m excited to see Sebastian Stan’s next project! I’ll see you next week for a new article on The Movievaures. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Instagram and share with me the next movie/show you are looking forward to it.

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