The Batman

Hello, My Movievaures! I’m so incredibly excited to be back today with The Batman‘s review. I know I’m a bit late for this one, but I had other articles planned and I really wanted to start something new with this amazing movie. Therefore, as you’ll see today, there will be a non-spoilers section at the top and then I will give my opinion on specifics so everyone who has already seen it (or doesn’t mind spoilers) can have it all.

The Batman is undoubtedly one of the best movies portraying this iconic character. Matt Reeves did a perfect score in terms of scenery and plot. Robert Pattinson is also incredibly good playing this tortured and dark version of Bruce Wayne as well as the violent and merciless Batman, just adding up to the amazing set of actors surrounding him. Even the music is perfectly adequate for each scene. With little dialogue, great combat scenes, a gloomy ambiance, and flawless performances, this movie managed to do what many DC movies have failed until now: honor the original story.

{SPOILERS AHEAD} The Batman 2022 is set in a darker and more violent Gotham and this has a big repercussion on the characters. Bruce Wayne is clearly not the same one we’ve met in Nolan’s movies. Goodbye, the millionaire playboy, and hello to the tortured and disturbed heir. I know some fans were not completely satisfied with Pattinson’s performance as Mr. Wayne, but I will say that with little dialogue and a bigger presence of his alter ego Batman, he fully managed to show another aspect of his character personality. Don’t forget we are talking about a lonely and traumatized man who dresses up every night and bits criminals.

Of course, one of the other characters everyone was having high hopes on was Catwoman, and gosh, what a woman! Zoë Kravitz manages to be everything we expect from her character and more. For those who criticized her sensuality, it is inherent to Catwoman so a needed characteristic to respect its origins. However, she communicates the power and anger of everyone who has been mistreated but was reborn from her ashes. She is sarcastic and violent. She needs saving but saves everyone at the same time. Especially Batman. I would say I was less of a fan of her daddy issues storyline, but still an interesting link to the main plot.

Of course, all of the other iconic characters such as Alfred, Gordon, and the Penguin were all played by amazing actors which did an amazing job by bringing something new to the table while honoring their backstory. By the way, was I the only one impressed by Colin Farrell’s prosthetics? Amazing. Something else that impressed me was how well they managed to integrate a whole detective mystery plot inside a superhero story. In the end, this movie was more similar to Zodiac than previous Batman movies. There was a real intrigue, multiple sub-stories interconnected and it builds to a crescendo worthy of any film noir.

Finally, the whole ambiance was in my opinion the best part of The Batman. The darkness, only broken by some red and blue tints, completely dominated throughout the entire movie, plunging us into Gotham’s abyss. It actually felt as if it was the first time we’ve really seen this city as it is really supposed to be depicted: chaos, violence, criminality, and corruption. Moreover, despite being quite focused on the investigation part, Matt Reeves doesn’t disregard the fact that it is a superhero (or villain) movie, by gifting us with some incredible fight and action scenes that still give me the shivers. Between realistic combat scenes and the most amazing introduction to the Batmobile, I’m not afraid to say The Batman is one of the best DC movies ever.

This is all for today My Movievaures! As you can see, I was absolutely convinced by this new version of Batman, my favorite superhero of all time. I’m really excited to see what is next with this new artistic direction and the different characters it will recreate. Let me know in the comments down below your thoughts on it and please, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (the_movievaures) for more live reactions. I’ll see you next week!

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