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Hello, My Movievaures! I hope you had an amazing week. I’m back with a new review on the latest Netflix teen rom-com: Tall Girl. Actually, the first movie was released in 2019 and surprisingly enough, they decided to release the second one this year. Therefore, I’m taking this opportunity to share my opinion on this teen drama, which actually made a bit of noise during its first release. So, let’s get into it!

Tall Girl is all about Jodi, the tallest girl in her highschool (6ft 1.5 inches tall / 1 m 87 for the rest of the world) and how she deals with being mocked by this physical particularity. That’s all! Thanks al for reading my article! Just kidding… (I know, my jokes are amazing). Actually, when I first read the plot I was kind of curious, because we all kind of feel insecire about some aspect of our appearance, but it was the first time that being tall was actually shown as a complexity for a girl.

Again, we are talking about a Netflix teen comedy so I wasn’t reall expecting the most profound approach to confidence, body stigma and teenage relationships. For that, go and watch Euphoria season 1 & 2. However, it is true that the first movie failed to portray its main character as someone endearing for whom you want to cheer for. Indeed, being tall (and actually visbilbly different) for an adolescent is not easy as we all know how mean kids can be. However, Jodi just seemed like an obnoxious and self centered character without this being the main goal of the movie.

Tall Girl 2 tried to correct some of he mistakes and critics highlighting the fact that being tall was not the worst thing that could happen to a teenage girl as this was the main point people hated about the movie. None of the less, I think the issue was actually not there, but mainly on how Jodi was written as this supposed nice girls who is bullied for her height, while being very selfish and not respectful herself of the people who actually love her for who she is. It is actually crazy how the secondary characters, such as her sister, her besfriend and the guy who has been in love with her forever are actually way more interesting and charming than the main character.

In short, Tall Girl 1 deserved the backlash it had 4 years ago because it really fail to add something to the subject of body positivity and teenager’s struggles. In the second movie the writers tried their best to acknowledge it and improve the message by changing the focus to the impostor syndorm and being confident on our capabilities instead of centering all around the physical aspects. However, it is still not great and I had a better time watching the secondary characters development rather than Jodi’s main plot. Thus, I hope Tall Girl 3 will not be a thing, even though we all know Netfliw goes where the money is…

This is all for today My Movievaures! Let me know in the comments down below if you’ve watched both Tall Girl Movies and your thoughts on it. Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram account (the_movievaures) as I’m more active there throughout the week. I’ll be back next week for a new review on The Movievaures. Until then, I wish you an amazing week!

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