The Unforgivable

Hello, my Movievaures! I hope you had a good week and weekend! I will not be releasing a very expected review today as I need a bit more time to write it and really let my feelings sink. In the meantime, I will be reviewing an unnoticed Netflix movie released a few days ago: The Unforgivable. As there will be so many new releases in December, I didn’t want to start a new show so I was looking for a movie to watch and I actually found this one a bit by chance. My thoughts? Let’s get into it!

The Unforgivable' Ending, Explained - Did Ruth Kill Snohomish Sheriff Mac  Whelan? | DMT

The Unforgivable is a Netflix movie based on the British TV series Unforgiven released in 2009. It tells the story of Ruth Slater, an ex-convict just released from prison as she tries to re-enter society and more specifically get in touch with her little sister again. She will face everyone’s judgment and how difficult is for the community and her loved ones to forgive her violent crime.

Sandra Bullock in Netflix's 'The Unforgivable' Review – The Hollywood  Reporter

I’ll be transparent with you, I’ve only clicked play because of Sandra Bullock’s face on the ad. I knew nothing about the story or the actors in the movie. It is not that I love Bullock’s work by the way. I was just curious to see her not in the glam appearances we see her on lately and let me tell you, I really appreciated her performance. It might seem a bit of a cliché for some, but for someone who has already met people in this situation, I think is pretty accurate.

The Unforgivable' review: Netflix's Sandra Bullock parole drama a  high-prestige letdown - Chicago Sun-Times

As I said, I knew nothing about the plot, and the story felt compelling from the first minute of the movie. It doesn’t fall into all the stereotypes of life after prison while showing how difficult it can be to move forward and forgive. The fact that it focuses also on a sisters’ relationship is pretty original and how it impacts everyone surrounding them is really moving.

Netflix's 'The Unforgivable': The *Real* Ending Explained | Marie Claire  Australia

In short, The Unforgivable is a tragic and moving movie that reflects some of the challenges people face when they’ve been labeled by society. The actors’ performances are convincing and the plot consistent. Even the ending of this story is not predictable and adds well to the character development. I truly recommend this movie, available on Netflix.

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This is all for today My Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed this article and let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more news on The Movie world. Keep close as there will be great content coming soon!

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