Tiger King 2: the craziness continues

Hello, My Movievaures! I hope you had a good start to the week. You may have heard that Tiger King Season 2 was released not long ago, but quite unexpectedly it seemed to go under the radar. Is it because we are no longer locked down and therefore not having as much time to watch weird shows on Netflix? I can’t really tell why this season was not as successfully trendy as before, but what I can say is that is still as crazy as the first one.


I have to be honest, I actually stumbled on this new season a bit by chance while browsing Netflix’s home page. I was a bit surprised no one was speaking about it on the internet, especially when you remember the hope the first season had two years ago. As I said before, I don’t really know the reason behind this, but I suspect it’s also because this show reminds people of a time they don’t want to go back to the first Lockdown.

Quand Tiger King 2 sort-il sur Netflix ? - News 24

Anyways, Tiger King 2 centers a bit less on Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, even though we see them thoroughly through the 5 episodes, mainly as a background voice, giving their point of view of what is happening. They come back to the whole “Carole Baskin killed his husband” plot, as well as Joe’s imprisonment, but this time we also get to discover other characters that make money on Big Cat’s backs.


Indeed, we have introduced once again to Jeff Lowe and his partner, as they lose the park they took from Joe at the end of season 1, all because of Carole Baskin’s actions to definitively close it. However, the main persona of this new season is Tim Stark, the biggest American stereotype I have ever seen in real life. He is a Big Cats park owner, as unapologetically crazy as Joe, but more violent and aggressive. His faith, similar to Joe’s is another example of the decadence led by animal mistreat.

Tiger King's' Tim Stark Has Lost Everything Since Season 2 Wrapped

In short, Season 2 of Tiger King is clearly not following the first season’s success. The focus is not anymore Joe and Carole, which could also be the reason for this failure. It’s still entertaining enough, but not as good as the discovery of this mad world surrounding Big Cats in the United States. If they try to do a third season, they’ll need to promote it a lot, for people to get back to this storyline.

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This is all for today My Movievaures! Let me know in the comments down below if you’ve watched this second season of Tiger King. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more news and short reviews. See you on Sunday for a new article on The Movievaures.

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