Squid Game: what a blast!

Hello My Movievaures! I hope you are doing well! I’m back to talk about one of the most successful show on Netflix right now: Squid Game. EVERYONE is talking about it and to be honest, I’m quite late compared to many other blogs and YouTube channels that already have done some review on it. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help myself and absolutely needed to contribute to this craziness going on on the internet right now. So let’s get into it!


I don’t think I really need to explain what this show is about, as there have been so many posts, memes and references to it. None of the less, for anyone living under a rock or just avoiding any spoilers but want a short summary, Squid Game is a Korean show following a divorced dad struggling with money who finds himself enrolled in a deadly game involving other participants heavily indebted willing to do everything to improve their situation.


This show has invaded the net, not only because of its creativeness and surprising violence, but also because the whole storyline has been built to create an attachment to the characters living the horrors that they feel forced to live because of their financial situation. Therefore, every episode is a new source of anguish as no one i safe from death. But at the same time we also feel a huge relief when we see the characters we like survive the deadly traps. It is almost as we are watching a reality show even though (and fortunately) it is fictional.


Without question, Squid Game has also put the spotlight on Korea’s culture and open the door to discovering many other shows with the same quality standard. Indeed, I’m aware that there is a great pop culture also in Asia, but I’m pretty sure we need to be more curious about it and this is something Squid Game managed to do: tease our interest. It also allowed interesting topics to be covered showing different stories and background with the same result: poverty. It also looks like a social experiment, picturing how people will react confronted to death.


In short, Squid Game deserves all the infatuation around it. It is well written, with the right amount of tension to keep us hanging to our screen until the last episode where the climax is at its best. And the aesthetics … Amazing. I absolutely recommend it, but it will be very difficult now not be spoiled as there are too many memes now that are viral. Good luck!

Squid Game Eps1 GIF - Squid Game Eps1 Squid Game - Discover & Share GIFs

This is all for today My Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed this article and let me know if you’ve already watched this show and your thoughts on it. Also, feel free to leave your comment on my Instagram page and follow me for more news and live reactions! See you next week!

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