The Suicide Squad: what a surprise !

Hello My Movievaures! I’m soo excited to be back again with The Suicide Squad review, being one of the most expected movies of this summer. I know most of you still have a bad memory of the first Suicide Squad movie of 2016 written and directed by David Ayer. However, as you might have seen already online, this movie has been receiving great reviews not only by the general public eye, but also by many Professional critics. I will be pretty straightforward: I absolutely agree with these positive rating. But let me tell you why!

Goodbye David Ayer and Heeeelloo James Gunn! Indeed, The Suicide Squad could be seen as a follow up of Ayer’s movie with some key characters and the same universe, but you can also completely forget about it and see this latest movie with brand new eyes. The Guardians of the Galaxy director not only did a remake of a bad movie, he made a statement : this is how you write and direct a Suicide Squad movie. Sorry not sorry David Ayer, but this new version clearly has improved in quality and I’ll try and remember it as THE Suicide Squad movie.

The Suicide Squad: New Cover Shows Margot Robbie, John Cena & Many More DC  Cast Members Together - The Direct

The Suicide Squad movie follows the most dangerous supervillains after they’ve been released from prison by the American government to lead a suicide mission in the enemy island of corto Maltese. As per the first movie, we find again some familiar faces: Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) , Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman). As well as some new ones that really make a good difference, especially Idris Elba who does an amazing job as Bloodspot.

Suicide Squad 2 Movie Image Features The Team Literally On The Run

The chemistry between characters is really impressive and once again we see James Gunn’s touch in their development. Indeed, each one of them, even those with small time screen have a bit of a story. I will say, I particularly appreciated the chemistry between Harley and Rick, Bloodspot’s sarcasm, Peacemaker awkward masculinity and Ratcatcher’s cuteness. Even King Shark who is actually just a talking shark, capable of saying more or less 10 sentences has his moments. I actually fell in love with how Harley Quinn’s character was treated throughout the movie, giving her even more deepness than in her actual movie.

How James Gunn took The Suicide Squad over the top |

The action scenes are also spectacular, a complete bloodshed. Indeed, the level of violence and butchery is exorbitant in a very creepy but pleasant way. Finally, this is DC. We are not in a Marvel movie so we can see with a clear view how destructive super powers can be destructive for others. It is also pretty obvious that the actors did most of the stunts as there are not many cuts. The scenery is also enjoyable to see, especially on a big screen, with particular bright colors mainly in Harley’s action scenes.


However, The Suicide Squad is not a perfect movie and not the best one Gunn has ever directed, as I could have read in some articles. It was good for sure, but a bit too long in my opinion and sometimes quite foreseeable in some aspects of the scenario. There was also a sort of division between Harley Quinn’s appearances and storyline and the other members of the team which disturbed me a bit, cutting off the momentum from time to time.

THE SUICIDE SQUAD 2 Tráiler#3 Versión original (2021) on Make a GIF

In short, The Suicide Squad is not a flawless movie but still a very entertaining one. James Gunn really did an amazing job saving this franchise and hyping up our expectations for what is to come in the DC universe. Forget about the first movie and the latest ones on the list, this one is way worth your time and if you have the chance, go and see it on the big screen; you’ll enjoy some good and bloody action scenes!

This is all for today My Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed this article and let me know in the comments down below your thoughts on this movie if you’ve seen it already. Next week I’ll be away in Portugal for two weeks but don’t worry, I’ve prepared some articles that will be released as usual on Wednesday and Sunday. Follow me on Instagram for some news and additional content. See you next week!

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