Wonder Woman 1984: just no…

Hello My Movievaures! I hope you had a good week. I’m back with another review on a DC movie, that I was expecting for a long time: Wonder Woman 1984. I know it seems like I’m writing this article very late as it was released in the United States on December 2020, but here in Europe it wasn’t released until end of March and not in theatre. At first, I was disappointed not to be able to see it on the big screen, but now that I’ve finally watched I don’t regret it at all. What a mess guys… Let’s get into it!

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As you can see it in the title of the movie, this second movie takes place in 1984. At first, we follow Diana’s lonely daily life as she hasn’t moved on from the tragic events of World War 1 (sorry spoilers ahead) and Steve’s death, as well as the fact that she is sort of a Goddess in a world of mortals. But her deepest wish will come true when suddenly Steve is back from the death after she has been close to a mysterious rock. I’m actually not spoiling anything as you can see all of this on the trailer. Anyways, as you can imagine this wishes come with a trap and this will lead to a series of catastrophic events putting the world at risk of annihilation. Of course, only Wonder Woman could help stop all of this.

Wonder Woman 1984 a une date de sortie française, où le visionner ?

First of all, the plot is not bad but clearly not amazingly original. However, I was excited to see how they were going to work around that and develop the characters that gravitate around Diana, as well as Wonder Woman herself. Well, let’s say they missed the boat. There were so many scriptwriting shortcuts, that were so ridiculous that you couldn’t even believe the whole storyline.


Moreover, regarding the character development, oh my god… How can I say this, absolutely no one managed to be credible except maybe for Chris Pine (AKA Steve), as his motives and reactions makes sense. It is actually one of the best parts of the movie when you see him discover the modern world, as remember, he died during WW1. But except that, all the rest is kind of a torture. Even Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord was kind of ridiculous, as he overplayed a bad written character.


Lastly, but not least, I was expecting some good actions scenes as we had in the first movie. But then again, I was disappointed. You could see so much potential wasted. Even what was supposed to be the epic battle between Wonder Woman and a pretty well known anti-hero in the comics, was upsetting. We were supposed to see greatness, with a demi-god and a world full of granted wishes. Instead, we had too many slow motion scenes, bad choreographies and color saturated images.

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In short, Wonder Woman 1984 was a total let-down. They tried doing a second movie to surf on the success of the first one, but they failed. It wasn’t inspiring or magnificent to watch as the first movie was and even individually, this film is not good and it was actually painful to watch such a bad scenario being played by not invested actors. I’m absolutely not recommending this movie, and to be honest I’m quite sad of saying this.

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This is all for today My Movievaures! You know I don’t like criticizing so much any movie or show, but I need to be honest when I don’t like something and in this case I think it was a real disappointed. Anyways, let me know in comments down below, your thoughts on this movie if you have watched it. See you next week for another review on The Movievaures. In the meantime, feel free to join me on Instagram at the_movievaures.

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