WandaVision: Disney+ phenomenon !- No Spoilers.

Heeeelllooo my Movievaures! I hope you are doing well! As you can see by all the exclamation points I’m using, I’m super excited as today is THE DAY I’ll be finally give you my opinion on one of the latest phenomenons of the year: WandaVision. If you follow me on Instagram (the_movievaures) you probably already know my thoughts on this quite peculiar show that Disney + has brought to us beginning of 2021. The show has come to an end last week and I can tell you that my Friday evenings will feel quite empty without my new favorite sitcom type show. At least until The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s release. But let’s stop the blah blah and let’s get into it!


WandaVision surprised everyone from episode one with its peculiar format that completely stands out from everything we have seen before in the MCU universe. Indeed, the first episode looks exactly like a sitcom from the 50-60’s, all in black and white format, something alike Bewitched in a way. It is quite disturbing at first, however our curiosity is arisen and we quickly get amused by the clichés situations our beloved characters (Wanda and Vision) are getting into. From that first episode, in which we don’t really understand what is happening but we are still loving every minute of it, we will be entering a whole new storyline that will surprise and hustle us.

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Each episode will explore a new period of time, moving from the 60’s to the 70-80’s, up to the 90’s, keeping the sitcom style all the time. However, what is actually the most outstanding part of this show is the fact that it alternates entire scenes of complete innocence and fun with some other ones that are sometimes quite disturbing and remind us that something is not quite normal and something bad is going on. Indeed, WandaVision leaves clues and hints throughout every episode, keeping is alert and making our brains work in order to understand the mystery that surrounds our beloved characters. We know that some evil is near and maybe in control of everything, but we are never certain of what will happen next. However, while it is obvious that something is going on, the show never treats us like kids and sometimes you need to rewatch a scene to realize some huge clue was in front of your eyes. So exciting!

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While WandaVision is an introduction to the new MCU – Phase 4, it is also a more detailed view into Wanda’s life (past- present and probable future), as well as her powers. Indeed, we already know she is a powerful character. I don’t need to remind you that she stood up to Thanos with one hand while removing Vision’s stone in Avengers, Infinity War. However, this show will go to the next level, showing the extent of her powers and her role in the multiverse, that will be later introduced in the next Doctor’s Strange movie. In any case, Wanda and Vision are here in the center of all our of our attention and let me tell you, I was already fund of them before, but I’m even more in love with both characters.

WandaVision' on Disney+ is Marvel's first (and very weird) attempt at  prestige TV

There is no need to say that Elizabeth Olsen does an amazing job portraying her character and even more in this show in which Wanda’s emotions will be completely exposed and quite intense. Paul Bettany is also amazing, as he manages to jungle between being this powerful being, with the satyr that comes with the whole sitcom style. Actually, every character in this show and the actor that is behind, is absolutely convincing in every period of time they move to, as well as the world they develop into. I was also, quite surprised and in a positive way let me say, by Kathryn Hahn’s performance (of course I will not say who she is in the show as I’m not spoiling anything major here).

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In short, WandaVision was a complete success in my opinion and a great introduction into this new MCU phase that I’m very excited to watch and see what is coming next. I loved having a better insight into Wanda and Vision storyline, as both characters were very moving in the Avengers’s series, as well as very powerful and so quite exciting to watch on screen. The Sitcom style completely convinced me, and actually believe that it allowed the actors to show the extent of their talent while introducing some originality to the whole superhero storyline. Finally, regarding the last episode of these mini-series, it was an ending up to my expectations. It had all we needed: a tragic and expected fate for some characters, really good action scenes and an opening to the next steps of this 4 phase of the Marvel Universe.

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This is all for today my Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it. Let me know in the comments down below, or on the Instagram post, your thoughts on this show if you’ve already watched it. If not, don’t waste more time and binge watch everything, you will not regret it. I’m actually quite sad the show had come to an end, but very soon we will have another Disney+/Marvel show available and I’m really excited to watch it. Next week I’ll be writing about a complete different genre, and this time it will be a Prime original series. In the meantime join me on Instagram (the_movievaures)!

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