365 Days… Is this serious?

Hello My Movievaures! I hope you had a good week. I don’t know if you noticed that the Movievaures blog has changed its looks and it is now movievaures.com! I spent some time this week personalizing it more and I really hope you will enjoy having a more refined page, without too much advertising and especially something that resembles more what I want for this blog in the future. Let me know your feedback in the comments, I will be glad to know if you prefer the old way or the new one!

Well, today I’m not bringing good news guys. Indeed, you may have heard about the movie 365 Days, available right now on Netflix. There was a lot of bad publicity around it and I can understand why. The main plot is about a rich mafioso who kidnaps a girl and gives her 1 year to fall in love with him . With all the #metoo and feminist movements, this doesn’t look like a movie that should be released. However, you know me, I really don’t like writing about a movie a haven’t watched and I prefer making my own opinion. So I watched it, and I’m shocked.

365 dni | Tumblr

Shocked, not only because all the critics about how this movie had such a bad message to send about what love is and how women should be treated in a relationship, but also because it is clearly a bad movie. The main plot in itself, as I said is really bad. The story has no sense whatsoever, except just showing a lot of sex, naked bodies, and clichés. You know like the one where women are only interested in jewels and nice dresses for parties and guys need to be very violent badasses. The acting is also really bad. Everyone exaggerates so much the way they speak and move or act between each other. There is no way you can identify with any of the characters and if you do you should ask yourself some questions.

365 dni | Tumblr

Of course, I will mainly point out how this movie is a very concrete example of an abusive relationship for which they tried to romanticize it and make it beautiful for spectators. How on earth, someone would want a relationship that starts with a kidnapping, with a lot of mental and physical abuse. However, they really want to convince us this is what every girl would like: money, a romantic but impulsive boyfriend, no life whatsoever except being someone girlfriend. This is such a bad message to young women and men. And unfortunately, this is not the first movie to try and tell us this. Remember Fifty Shades of Grey? Same story, less violent but nevertheless shocking. Just take all Grey’s money and this turns into a very different story about harassment.

365 dni (365 dni, #1) by Blanka Lipińska

In short, I’m very disappointed that Netflix decided to release this movie on its platform. Also very surprised that it trended so much and for so long here in France. But mostly, because I also participated in it by watching it. I do not recommend this movie at all, and even if you may think “I’m not a feminist, I don’t care”, at least don’t do it because it is a terrible movie and you will only waste your time.

I don’t really like talking about movies that I hate on my blog, as I believe the main point is to give you good ideas for the next movies and shows to watch. However, I needed to say something about this movie because it is a shame that we are still producing films like this in an era where what we should promote is love, respect, and freedom. This is all for today my Movievaures. I will come back next week with something more positive to write about. In the meantime, feel free to join me on Instagram the_movievaures for more regular news!

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