These shows are getting too long…

Hello, My Movievaures! I hope you are as happy as I am with the summer starting slowly but surely. I don’t have many days off during this period of the year, however as things slow down with must of the people leaving on holidays I have more time to do what I love most: watching movies and shows, and especially catch-up with many of them I haven’t had the time to watch before.

I was so caught up with all the new shows and documentaries (mostly on Netflix) that I forgot a little bit about some TV shows I really enjoyed but stopped watching for a while. Lately, I’ve been coming back to shows like Once upon a time or Grey’s Anatomy and came to the conclusion that while some shows were stopped too soon and were way too short, others are quite the opposite and should have been concluded a while ago.

These are the shows I think, are getting too long:

  • Once Upon a time 

Don’t get me wrong, I loved most of the shows in this list. However, there is always a time where goods things come to end. If not, they reduce in quality and sometimes even get to the list of bad shows not to watch.


Once Upon a time has now 7 seasons and all I can say is that I really enjoyed the first three seasons. The plot was amazing, really original, and coherent. After that, it felt like the show was just adding characters that were famous at the time to keep people watching instead of working on a real story that was not repetitive.

We understood the point: good guys, bad guys, bad guys that become good guys, a magical spell, and love. At some point, it needs to stop.

  • Grey’s Anatomy 

I will be less harsh with this one as I believe now it’s more a show to watch when you want to forget your day or just have background noise while looking at your phone. 16 seasons now… I remember being a teenager and watching every single episode on TV each Wednesday of the week. Sometimes I even miss those times in which you needed to be present at an exact time to watch your favorite show.

Greys Anatomy GIF | Gfycat

Now Grey’s Anatomy is just a series of characters coming and leaving. The same drama stories: love, death with some episodes about lighter themes such as equality, racism etc.. It just feels like the scenarist are repeating the same plots from season 1 to 4 indefinitely now.

  • Vikings 

I know many of you will be surprised that I put Vikings on the list and of course you can disagree. I’m still watching this show and enjoying many of the episodes. However, I truly believe it was a good decision to stop the show and not produce the 7th season. If not, the risk would have been to become really repetitive such as the shows I described above.

ivar | Tumblr

Ragnar was the main character of the show and without him, the plot was starting to become less interesting. Nevertheless, I enjoyed seeing Ragnar’s sons continue their stories and pursuing their destinies, but it couldn’t last long anyways…

  • The Walking Dead 

I don’t know one person who disagrees with me. 10 seasons with only 4 (maybe 5) that are worth watching. The rest is just the same repetitive, never-ending story and it is a shame, truly. This show had the potential to become one of the best shows of its genre but missed that possibility.

When Negan appeared, we thought that maybe it could save the show but it didn’t and now I’m just watching it (as I’m doing something else) to see how they are going to end it. A pity.

  • Supernatural 

As for Grey’s Anatomy, I will not be very harsh with this one either. I love this show. I was fond of the Winchester’s brothers and everything that surrounded them. The main plot was truly amazing and I really enjoyed every episode from the first seasons. Now it has 15 seasons and it is true that it just became so repetitive that you could easily know what would happen next.

black and white supernatural gif | WiffleGif

I’m a little bit sad that the show will soon end as I grew up with those characters, but I think it is the right decision. You cannot save the world more than 10 times in a row.

This is all for today My Movievaures! I imagine there are a lot of shows that could have entered this list but I needed to be brief so I chose those I think were becoming really too long. As you can see the main thing they all have in common is that they become repetitive and therefore, boring for the viewers. Let me know what you think about this list in the comments down below and join me on Instagram (the_movievaures) where I’m more active throughout the week. See you next week for another article! 

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