Netflix Movies – a life-saving distraction

Hello, my Movievaures! I hope you are fine and healthy.

The current situation is complicated and not very positive, but we need to try and get the most of it. Therefore, this the best time to catch up on many movies and shows on Netflix.


  • The King 

So this week started with The King. This is not a new movie. As you can see I’m catching up on movies that I had no time before to watch. I really enjoy historical movies and like very much Timothée Chalamet who plays the role of Henry V.


It will not be a surprise for you, this movie is about Henry V (aka Hal) access to the throne after his father’s death. The whole idea of watching a historical piece played by great actors seemed very appealing to me. However, in reality, it is a little bit disappointing.


Don’t get me wrong, is a good distraction, but it is less interesting that it looked like. The acting is amazing, I really enjoyed seeing again on-screen Timothée Chamalet and Joel Egerton. However, the scenario is very slow and doesn’t allow us to really appreciate Henry V’s life as its true value. Of course, I imagine the storyline respects the historical evidence, but I already watched other historical movies who do a better job of telling a real story in a more passionate way.


In short, if you have some spare time (which I think you have) and have already watched all your favorites shows, you can give it a try. But don’t expect anything exceptional.

  • The Two popes

The next day I decided to go for The Two Popes. I’m not a religious person, but I’ve always been fascinated by how powerful Religions can be or were, especially with Catholicism. Moreover, Pope Benedict is played by no other than Anthony Hopkins. So, of course, I needed to watch this movie. Once again you can see that I was quite late as the movie was released in September last year, but as I said what better time to catch up on movies you wanted to watch?

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As opposed to The King, I really enjoyed this movie. It is also based on a real story, however more contemporary, and still very interesting. We discover a different side of Pope Benedict XVI after his arrival to this powerful, therefore difficult position. I remembered as a kid that some people loved him and others hated him but didn’t realize how controversial his decisions were and the scandals around him. Anthony Hopkins plays the role amazingly and in such a truthful way that we really sympathize with this very conservative character.


However, this is not only Pope Benedict’s story as the title of the movie already implies. Conservatism meets progressivism, as Pope Benedict discusses the future of the Catholic Church with future Pope Francis, more liberal than ever. Jonathan Pryce was amazing in Game of Thrones and manages once again to impress me by his acting. Some scenes are just incredible by the intensity and at the same time the simplicity of them. It is a very interesting, sad and revolting story as we discover the dark side of the Vatican and the difficulty the Church has to keep up with these evolving times.


In short, this is a really good movie to watch as we see passionated and powerful men doubt themselves and what is happening around them. Being human after all.

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This is all for today My Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Good luck with the confinement and see you next week for another review.

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