Altered Carbon, season 2

Hello, My Movievaures ! I hope you had an amazing week.

I’m back with a new and more positive article than last week, on Altered Carbon Season 2. To be honest, I was so busy lately that I didn’t quite realize the second season was going to be released around this period of time. So I will let you imagine my joy when I opened my Netflix’s app and saw “New Episodes”. Of course, I binge-watched the show in 3 days and I absolutely loved it.

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For those, who don’t know anything about this show, if you liked Blade Runner’s futuristic worlds, as well as all the philosophical questions about what is life and the importance of death as human beings, you will absolutely adore this show. However, this is not for everyone. You’ll be pushed into a new universe in which humans managed to cheat death by keeping their memories on “stacks” and only changing their bodies (AKA “sleeves”) that can be bought and which capabilities differ on how much you are able to pay for them. This is Sci-fi, of course, mixed with a lot of violence and sex, so be ready for it and don’t watch it if Friends or Glee are your “to go” show.

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As always, I’m not spoiling anything so I will not say how Season 1 finished or important events of season 2 so you can discover or rediscover this show. However, what I can say is that I equally enjoyed watching this second season as much as I did with the first one. The main characters are absolutely amazing and we keep getting attached to them even if it seemed impossible to like them even more. Their personal stories, as well as their values and everything they believe on, is so “human” that even now (and we are not talking about 500 years in the future) we tend to dismiss them and think they are unimportant: Love, honor, family and the importance of enjoying life in its core.

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Nevertheless, even if Altered Carbon addresses a lot of philosophical questions, for our simple and violent minds, there is also a lot of action. As I said before, this show takes place in the future, so just imagine how impressive combats can be with altered human bodies, futuristic weapons; all taking place in planets invaded by technology. Fights show magnificently on screen, with a perfect choreography all around different landscapes (cities, forests, old hotels…). Moreover, the music and colors really adapt to each scene as we can quickly jump from a lake to the highest tower of the city, to the poorest neighborhood in town and then to the richest house of the planet. Each tone is so different but accurate to the projections we could have of what a world in the future could be if money and power were the only governors and priorities.

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In short, this season is amazing and the whole show too. I think that for those who enjoyed watching the first episodes you will be glad to see again your favorites characters, as well as new ones that really add to the story. I’m looking forward to season 3 hoping that it will be as good as the first 2 ones.

This is all for today My Movievaures ! I hope you enjoyed reading this article and feel free to let me know in the comments down below if you watched the show and your opinion on it ! See you next week

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