Birds of prey, a new DC disaster?

Hello, My Movievaures! I hope you are all well and enjoying your Sunday evening.

I took some time this week to go and see DC’s latest movie, Birds of Prey. You’ve probably heard about it as they did a huge promotion on it, highlighting Harley Quinn as the center of the story. I will be very straight forward in this article: I’m very angry with the result of this movie


Why? You are probably asking yourself, why and how a film can make someone angry. Well, I think it was a bad movie which is not a huge problem in itself. There are many bad movies. However, I’m pissed off because I’m tired of seeing good potentials being wasted over and over again, regarding female heroes and females’ main characters.


I think it is amazing that we are having more movies centered on strong women, but I feel there is something wrong in the way they are doing it as if we were not yet able to make really good movies on female heroes able to inspire girls but also men. A good movie and especially a good character should create positive emotions in everyone’s mind. They managed to do it in a way with Wonder Woman. It was not perfect, but good enough to be a success.


Birds of Prey completely fails to do that. I’ll be honest when I first saw Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, I thought she was perfect in the role. The movie in itself was not good either, but I enjoyed watching it thanks to Harley Quinn. So I thought it was a good idea to make a movie on her and finally give a chance to a secondary female character to shine.


Nevertheless, the movie is not well written. The storyline is really not consistent and doesn’t give any real momentum to the film. It is like watching multiple scenes, one after the other, without real connection between them. Of course, there is the main story but is not interesting enough to make us passionate about what is happening in front of us. Margot Robbie is still very good in her role and I don’t believe it is her acting or interpretation of her character the problem here.


The main idea of the movie is supposed to show that Harley is a strong and independent woman and that she doesn’t need The Joker to exist. As you should know my opinion by now, I really believe they failed to really picture her as this powerful female. She obviously is but I didn’t have the feeling they honored her in a good way. Moreover, they were supposed to show a group of women grouping and working together to fight against evil. Well… We only see this at the end of the movie so it makes no sense to me to call this movie Birds of Prey as the whole movie is much more about Harley than any other character in the team.


In short, this is a bad movie that gives more power to the machistas out there to say that there are no good superhero movies with a female main character. Of course, they will always have a good excuse to say negative things on women but I hate to give them a good example. I really hope Wonder Woman 2 will be a better movie than what DC has been showing us lately on screen.


That is all for today My Movievaures. I don’t really like to be so negative about a movie but as I said before I’m angry and annoyed that we can’t really show how interesting and captivating women superheroes can be.