Narcos Mexico, season 2. No rest for the bad guys

Hello, My Movievaures! I hope you had an amazing weekend. Mine was wonderful as I used the awful weather in London as an excuse to stay home and binge-watch the last season of Narcos Mexico.

I bet, every time you read “Narcos” you can hear the beautiful intro song “Tuyo” in your head as it has become a classic now. I will not lie. Since the first season with Pablo Escobar, I absolutely loved this show. Everything seemed perfect to create one of the most successful shows of the decade: a real story, violence, sex, good actors, amazing music. And so on. The good combination of all the ingredients to keep us passionate by the story of some pretty bad guys. The show was so successful that Pablo Escobar and the Colombian drug dealers became role models to a lot of people. That says a lot about humankind in 1 way, but we should not forget, most of the characters of this show are not good examples to follow.


Nevertheless, Narcos is one of my favorites shows on Netflix. When Narcos Mexico launched, however, I was a little bit scared that it was not going to be as good as the Colombian version. I was wrong my friends. The Mexican version is incredible. For those who are a little bit confused because they only watched the first season, Netflix also launched Narcos Mexico after the Cali’s season. In this version, we are, of course, focused on the Mexican drug-dealing empire, in the ’80s. If you are on top of your dates, you quickly understand that this storyline happens at the same time as the Colombian one. Not spoiling too much, some very important characters of the first season make several appearances in the Mexican version.


The first season of Narcos Mexico was absolutely fantastic and full of surprises. Even though most of the storyline is based on real facts, the show manages to keep the suspense. The end of the season made me jump off my seat and I was absolutely thrilled by it. So spending the whole weekend watching the second season was not a waste of time, but just pure pleasure. Because for every Narcos’ fans out there, you will not be disappointed.


I said no spoilers, so I will not tell much about the plot in this second season as it will reveal season’s 1 ending. However, what I can say is that we keep following the rise of the Guadalajara cartel, with Félix Gallardo as the leader of multiple “plazas” that keep trying to get free of his power and influence.


Diego Luna keeps being excellent in his role. He is absolutely convincing when he gets mad and release his violence and madness. But he is also very touching when he is deep into his sadness and desperation. No need to say, I think he is one of the best characters of the entire saga. Interesting, passionate, human. The new American character, Breslin is also very good, but we have less attachment to him as we did before with “Kiki”.


In short, I loved this season. The end is absolutely amazing and as good as the whole two seasons of Narcos Mexico. I’m glad they managed to keep a good momentum and hope that they will keep surprising me in terms of quality and excitement.

This is all for today My Movievaures! I really hope you enjoyed this article. See you next Sunday for another review.

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