Miss Americana, an insight into Taylor Swift’s life

Hello My Movievaures! I hope you had an amazing week. As I told you in my last article on 1917, I was in the United States. 11 hours in a plane gives you plenty of time to watch shows and movies. Unfortunately, I had no access to new stuff, so I was forced to watch shows that I downloaded myself on Netflix.

One of them being, Miss Americana, the latest documentary on Taylor Swift’s life. I’m not a huge fan of her. I like some of her songs and heard from time to time all the gossip surrounding her. I was still curious about this documentary as in the last few years I saw from afar, a change in her attitude and songs so I wanted to check it out.


What I can say is that it looks like an honest depiction of her life, with a slight tendency to show her good side rather than the bad ones. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a legitimate move. She will not try to put herself in the role of the bad one and she still manages to show that she didn’t always do the good thing. However, I feel the whole idea of this documentary was to explain and justify her reactions in every difficult moment of her career. I got the impression that she was truthful, but I know for sure that her haters will criticize her documentary for being biased. I think it’s a normal move.


Moreover, I really like her approach and how it was shown in the documentary on important matters such as body dysmorphia, eating disorder, feminism, and politics. I always thought of her as a feminist, but this show really confirmed her commitment to this cause, as well as for same-sex marriage and basically just let people be themselves without harassment. We are also aware now that famous people’s lives are never as shiny as they seem to be. However, this documentary shows the dark side of celebrity without feeling like she is complaining as she knows how lucky she is to live from her passion.


In short, I think it was an interesting view of Taylor Swift’s life. If you are a fan, you will probably love it, if you are like me, just curious, you will learn some interesting things and well, if you are a hater don’t watch it, if the only reason you are watching is to criticize her more, spent your time in a better way. Just a friend’s advice.

This is all for today my Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed this article. See you next week!

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