Marriage story

Hello my Movievaures ! I hope you had an amazing Christmas, as I did with all my family.

As you already know, I saw Star Wars Episode 9 last week for which I did a review (you can find it here).

As I’m at my parents’ house for the holidays, we decided to watch all together the latest movie on Netflix,  Marriage story. We are not huge fans of Ron Coms, but we all read good reviews on it and the casting is very appealing: Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver as the Co-stars of the movie.


The title says it all, as the trailer does. The whole movie is about a marriage that is falling apart and how two people who love each other still make a difficult decision of getting a divorce; as life is not that simple. The summary might not be very appealing but I assure you, is it worth it.


The first scene of the movie is very beautiful and emotional; a very good representation of what the whole movie will be. It is a mix of joyful and very distressing feelings. You see two people that struggle to let go, but at the same time have a huge need to finding themselves. Humans, we should say, are very complicated and we can see this complexity on the way everyone reacts to this decision to divorce and how the first concerned need to deal with other one’s opinions at the same time that they need to cope with all the suffering they are going through.


Some of you might think this is a very sad movie. However, I think it is more than that. Actually, I believe that it gives hope on love and explains how two people can choose something that makes them suffer but believe it will make them be happier in the long term. And that is how complicated relationships can be if you are not with someone who empathizes with you on every level.


As for the actors… Well, the casting is, of course, very talented, and they reflect it perfectly in the movie. Scarlet Johansson always amazes me on her ability to play any kind of role: from a sexy spy, we see her in Marriage story as this simple woman, fragile and strong at the same time, who only wants to exist as a person a not only through her marriage. Adam Driver is excellent as this sometimes egocentric man, but that has much love to give. I also loved Laura Dern in her lawyer’s role, who brings a little bit of fun to all this drama (her monologue on the difference in how moms and dads are perceived is amazing).


In short, if you have Netflix (or have access to it) it is a movie worth watching. It will be emotional so don’t be afraid of crying a bit, but is very beautiful and representative of human intricacy. 


That is for today My Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed this article. We will see each other next week for a review on none other than The Witcher!


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