Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker (spoilers!)

Hello My Movievaures ! I’m soooooo excited to be writing this article today! I bet you all know which movie I just saw this week. Of course, Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker! –> be careful, spoilers ahead. 

As you already know, I’m an absolute fan of Star Wars since I was 6 years old (I’m 25 by the way). However, I’m not a “purist” as we could call some of the most intense fans. I’m aware this is still an entertaining movie, even though it feels like much more for me in a personal way.


I know a lot of people were very angry about the fact that Disney bought the Star Wars franchise and even more disappointed when they saw the first two movies of the new saga. To be honest, I can quite understand, but I think the pleasure of seeing my favorite universe on-screen again overcomes the fact that it will never be as good as the first saga. However, I would say that The Last Jedi quite disappointed me, so I was excited but also scared to see this new and last movie on the Skywalker family.


To be completely honest, I was very pleased with the result. I know some people criticized the fact that some scriptwriting choices made in the previous movie were not respected in the last one. However, I think it was the best choice as The Last Jedi was quite confusing. The relationship between Rose and Finn was annoying. Snoke’s death was completely ridiculous and even Rey’s and Kylo’s whole drama going on was uncomfortable sometimes.


The Rise of Skywalker felt much more consistent and interesting. Rey’s past is a very central part of the whole storyline of the movie. Even if it could seem an easy scenarist pirouette to try and make sense to the mess done by the previous movie, discovering Rey’s origins felt less dumb as just thinking she is a “no one”. One of the biggest revelations of this last movie is, of course, Palpatine’s (AKA Dark Sidious) return. As it might be surprising when you think about it is not that much. Of course, we believe we saw him die on Return of the Jedi, but as we know from the second trilogy (Anakin’s story), the Sith know how to reach immortality. So, it makes sense in a way.


What is a bit more surprising, but quite expected is the link between Dark Sidious and Rey.  We discover that she is a Palpatine, Dark Sidious’ granddaughter. An easy escape you might think, but actually is not that crazy. We have Darth Vader’s grandkid, why not another Palpatine in the storyline? And to be honest it better explains Rey’s powers than any kind of miracle they could think about. To be honest is not the best revelation a Star Wars movie has given us but still, not as bad as some critics could say.


However, more than the storyline and explanations I truly believe that some of the main characters had much more interest and materiel to work with than in the other two movies. Finn and Poe are one of the best duos in the movie, kind of replacing R2D2 and 3CPO’s one in the first trilogy. Kylo is much more respectable I would say as he looked like a troubled teenager in the previous movies. Now we can understand his fear of going back home and how Leia’s death allows him to finally repent of everything he did. About Leia’s death, I truly believe they’ve done an incredibly good job of giving her an important role, despite Carrie’s death. She is a mentor, a friend, and a Jedi Master. Oh yes my friends, I really liked the fact that we finally see her as a Jedi knowing it was her birthright.


Of course, the visual of the movie is magnificent. How it couldn’t be? Even in the two previous ones, we must say, the colors, the battles, the creatures are simply amazing. And this last one is not an exception. One of my favorites parts is the last battle between Kylo and Rey. The combat is really good, and the whole water visuals are fantastic. Moreover, all the references that are made in this last movie from the Return of The Jedi are excellent for every fan out there: Luke taking his X-Wing out of the water with the force; Leia’s death as a parallel to Yoda’s one, Rey flying Luke’s X-wing, the end in Tatooine… Well, my inner fan was pleased.


In short, this is the final movie with the Skywalker family. It is a sad thing, but at the same time, I believe that it ended in a good way: the blood family is all together now in the force and the one who will continue their legacy is not only a Palpatine but mostly a Skywalker student and also lover. Not the perfect end that most of the fans wanted, but enough to make me smile and feel joy when I heard the end credits… 


That is all for today My Movievaures. I hope, that even if it wasn’t a perfect movie and Trilogy you enjoyed seeing Star Wars on screen again; as I did. It is the end of the skywalker story, but not the end of this fantastic universe that made me believe, as a Kid, that good really existed.

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