Downton Abbey: The Movie

Hello My Movievaures ! I’m back with a new article on Downton Abbey’s movie !

I know it was released two months ago, but I thought that this movie suited very well the whole Christmas holidays spark.

So after a few months (if not years) of seeing no more of this British delighted, I was very glad to turn on my screen and see the whole Crawley family reunited once again.

For those who know nothing about Downton Abbey, first of all, who are you and secondly, I forgive you (but only if you watch the TV show before).  Jokes aside, it was initially a TV show created and co-written by Julian Fellowes and released in 2010. It is set on a fictional Yorkshire country estate and depicts the lives of the members of the Crawley Family, who all live in the beautiful abbey – Downton Abbey, with their domestic servants.


It is an amazing description of the aristocratic way of living at the beginning of the XXe century in England. We live with the characters, rich or poor, the evolution of England and it’s traditions and how this impacts them on their day to day life. There is no big plot, but small stories that make us feel personally attached to different characters, some of them who would never think you could sympathize with.


So the show is of high quality, but what about the movie? I tend to be very critical on this sort of stuff, as most of the time movies based on TV Show are not great (look at El Camino for instance). Well, I can tell you, it was really good actually. The difference between this and many other movies based on shows is that actually in the main TV Drama, each episode is like a little movie in which many things happen and you are not just waiting for the main plot to be filled.


We are back to Downton Abbey, with a few changes in the staff, but mainly all the characters that we know and love. The main plot, without telling anything else that you see on the trailer, is about King George V and his wife venue to the Abbey and how the whole family and domestics prepare for it.


I would totally advise watching the show before as you will feel more attached to the characters and you will enjoy more seeing them again on screen. You can completely understand the whole movie without having watched the show, but the spark will not be the same. We see again our favorite characters and how they cope with all the changes that have been happening: getting older, retiring, new kids,  love… But we also see how the whole house prepares for the King and Queen arrival, and to be honest, it is kind of my favorite part. You see Downton transform while trying to remain true to itself. This film is moving, but also hopeful and joyful.


In short, go and watch the show and then see the movie. It is absolutely worth it and will brighten your day. Plus, if you like the English accent, you will be served!

This is it My Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed my article. See you soon for another article next week.



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