The Crown: into the queen’s life

Hello, My Movievaures ! I was away for a while on holidays, which allowed me to rest but mostly catch up on all my favorites shows; one of them being The Crown.

Season 3 was just released, and I was very excited as I absolutely loved the first two seasons. So today, I decided not to write only about the latest episodes, but about all the Show.


For those who don’t know anything about The Crown, it is based on Queen Elizabeth’s II access to the throne and life as England’s sovereign. This show does not only run through historical facts but gives us an insight into the royal family duties and daily obligations.

What I really liked about this show is the fact that you discover life as a queen with the actual queen. You see her, and everyone around, evolve throughout the seasons. The first one is focused on her access to the throne and how it shakes her whole life and her family’s. The second one is based on how she gets tougher and more outwardly unsensible while taking critical decisions for her country and loved ones. And the third, is her getting older, still struggling to find her role in an ever-changing world.


Something very specific to this show is that, because we follow Elizabeth II life we also see her, and the ones around her age too. And the way the producers handled it is by hiring a new set of actors for the newest season. Let me tell you, there are a lot of great actors out there, but the ones they chose for this show are amazing. Claire Foy is incredible in her role, depicting very well the queen’s gestures and Matt Smith is also marvelous in his adventure young prince (I discovered the queen’s husband is not a King but a prince). I will not talk about the other actors, but everything is so perfectly delivered for each one of the characters. I specially loved Vanessa Kirby’s interpretation of the queen’s sister. A very human and dramatic character. She perfectly played too by Helena Bonham who I love as an actress, and Olivia Colman does an amazing job as the new face of the queen.


Long story short, this show is a nugget. The acting is amazing, the way the royal family’s story is told is delighting and seeing all this humanity on people that we tend to mistify is very refreshing. If you are looking for a new show to watch I completely recommend it.


I hope you enjoyed reading my article on The Crown! See you soon for new reviews.


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