Game of Thrones, season 8 (Spoilers)

Heeellooo my Movievaures !! I’m finally back, after weeks of absence. I moved out from my old flat, work has been crazy and to be honest all the movies and shows I absolutely wanted to see, and write an article about, were released at the same time.

But here I am, to (finally) say what I really thought about GOT, season 8. Of course, I suppose there is no need to say SPOILERS AHEAD, as most of the planet already watched this show, but you never know.

Where to start? Is actually kind of hard to give your opinion about a season like this without thinking about the whole series that started 8 years ago. This show has been quite a success since it started and I absolutely loved from the beginning. However, I can absolutely understand why not everyone was quite a fan since the it debuted as the rhythm was quite slow. We all know now, that it was quite needed to put in place a very complex story and to make us feel attached to some extraordinary characters. Moreover, a decade ago, show were less numerous and it was not an absolute necessity to have a success from the pilot to make a show work.


Now, people are less patient and producers think they need to go quick to make a success. Well, you know where I’m going with this… I love Game of Thrones. I love the characters, the storyline, the surprises (even the ones which made me cry of rage) and the whole universe. But it takes time to create something like this. And this last season was, in my opinion, completely rushed. It’s normal that the rhythm gets faster as the seasons go by and the story progresses.


However, there is a balance between accelerating the action and precipitating it into a failure. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed some episodes and there is no way I can say  everything was bad. Nevertheless, I can honestly say that I had a good time until episode 3. Why this episode? Well, the storyline was still quite consistent, with the White walkers, the whole love story between Daenerys and John, and everyone getting prepared for one of the most scary battles of their lives. Everyone getting back to Winterfell, the place where all started, was quite a good symbol and I found every kind of reunion very emotional and well told by the screenwriters.


What happened after that? A lack of consistency, a rush into a very predictable final and a complete disappointment of the biggest fans. I’m not even comparing it to the books or anything like that. I’m just comparing it to the whole series. Every time a characters made a choice, even if it could surprise us, it was logic with respect to their personalities and what happened to them. After episode 3, everything became crazy but in a bad way.


Of course, I’m talking about Daenerys who become a complete psychopath. Of course, she lost her dragon and her best friend but come on. She was raped, hit, manipulated, a thousand of times during 7 seasons and you are telling me that now she decides she will kill kids and innocent people? That makes no logic. Or even John Snow’s reaction. He is our hero since day one and he acted like a very weak person, without any charisma or leadership in the last episodes. Only Arya made some logical choices corresponding to her personalities, such as Sansa but that was all.


It looked like the only thing that kept everything together was the fight against the Night King and after that nothing really made sense. John killing Daenerys was the most predictable end I could possibly think about. Him getting back to the other side of the wall, to be punished was a very lazy end for such a good character like him. Sansa’s end was actually the least frustrating one of them all but could have been better told, and Arya’s one.. ughh.. come on ! Even with characters we hated as Jamie and Cersei, seriously how they could think someone will be happy with that kind of death?


I was really disappointed by this ending. This show didn’t deserve this, the characters and actors playing them neither. I know that a lot of people liked this last season. I’m not the kind of person who likes to criticise very badly movies and shows, so I will not say it was a complete shit, however such a big show wasn’t supposed, in my opinion, to finish in such a banal way as this one. 

Well my Movievaures, now you know exactly what I think about this lasts season.  I hoped something better, but things are what they are. I hope you will still read this article even know the show finished a few weeks ago. I’ll try to be more regular on writing article from now on. See you soon !


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