Avengers, ENDGAME

Hello my Movievaures ! I’m back again to talk about THE most anticipated movie of the year (if not, of the last ten years): Avengers, Endgame. The last Avengers’ movie as we know it.

I really wanted to write an article about this movie, that I’ve been waiting for so long and now, that I’m on the edge of doing it, I feel it will never be up to incredible story, the movie talks about.  Don’t get me wrong, I will write it and I will even talk about it without spoling anything about this last movie. But to really have an idea of how huge this movie is, and how much work it has been done to finalize this story, you really (and it’s imperative) must have seen all the Marvel’s movies.


I’m talking since the first Iron Man Movie, until Captain Marvel, towards today. You cannot see Engame without understanding the entire Marvel’s plot. The Russo brothers have been working on this for years now and it all started with Iron Man’s story. Will it end with that? Well, as I said, no spoilers here so you’ll discover everything by yourself.


Actually, this article’s goal is not to convince you to go and buy a ticket to see the movie. I think the marketing team did that job very well. The idea here is to make understand whoever is not a Marvel’s fan, or just a “mi-fan” as I called them, that this is more than just a super heroe movie, and that you must understand the whole to appreciate the one and last Avenger’s movie.  Moreover, for the fans out there who already know this and agree with me, feel free to comment on what I’m about to say.


Because this movie is just the result of years of preparation, of character construction, of creation of storylines, all of this to get to this point in which seeing Iron Man with The Guardians of The Galaxy is totally normal for us, spectators. We were completely shocked at the end of Avengers: Infinity war. Usually bad guys don’t win and heroes only die if they are saving everyone, not by miserably losing against a giant purple guy. We are absolutely not used to seeing this and that is why the Russo Brothers did an amazing job. It was shocking but comprehensible, very emotional and even frustrating for us.


As the first trailer appeared for Endgame, everyone thought that this movie will also be emotional, very dark and quite sad as theories became crazy talking about very important characters deaths. As I said before, I will not spoil anything about the storyline in this movie as I think you need to see it to really appreciate it. I’m a movie fan but I strongly recommend not to watch too many theories videos about Endgame as you might spoil a little bit yourself and be expecting some things that will not happen at all.


I truly believe you will not be disappointed about this movie, the roll of the storyline and the end. Is absolutely a mix about everything you have been seeing in other Marvel’s movies: action, friendship, humour, emotions, good music, sarcasm and mostly a lot of heroism. If you liked what happened before, you will like what is happening in ENDGAME. But prepare your handkerchiefs because you will probably shed a tear or two.


In short, just go and see it. There is no question about it. Most of the people who are interested by this movie already seen all the other movies in the Marvel universe so of course you need to end the story now. But don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely sure you will like this one. 100% sure.


That’s the end of this article on Endgame. As I said I really don’t want to spoil anyone so I didn’t get into any storyline details. However, feel free to comment and let me know if you are interested by a full and specific review on the movie with spoilers. See you soon my Movievaures ! 

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