Triple Frontier, the newest Netflix Movie!

Hello My Movievaures! I hope you are fine since my last review on Captain Marvel (if you haven’t read it, you can find it here).

Today I want to talk about Netflix latest movie: Triple Frontier;. I have been seeing adds everywhere, so I bet you haven’t missed it neither.


We all know Netflix for it’s incredible TV Shows and documentaries. A few years ago I would have say, less for it’s great movies, but it would be a complete lie. They had really bad movies in their platform, but now, we can say that they joined the big boys.

So, is Triple frontier part of the movies that elevate Netflix game or rather the opposite? Well, continue reading if you want to know my opinion on that.


First of all, the storyline.

I will not say that is really original or anything. A story about some retired soldiers that get back into the game by doing something illegal but not immoral… Well we already have seen that before.


However, the casting is what catched my eye.

Ben Affleck, Pedro Pascal, Charlie Hunnam, Garret Hedlund and Oscar Isaac.. Big and trendy names right now. The acting is actually quite good and the actors are credible in their respective characters. Nevertheless, we still have the “father in struggle cliché (aka Ben Affleck), the “eternal workaholic” (aka Oscar Isaac) and the “forever reckless” (aka Pedro Pascal) among others. Nothing that bothered me a lot, but still need to point it out.


But the realistic actions scenes is, without any doubt, what I liked the most. Bear in mind, Netflix didn’t want to produce the next Fast & Furious, so the fight scenes are (most of the time) doable in real life. I know we are so used to AMAZING that most of the time we feel everything else is a little bit bland. But hear me out here, nothing is better that GOOD. And too much is the enemy of good. To be honest, they did a great job in this movie.


In short, it’s definitely a good movie to watch, specially if you like action movies but it’s far away from being trascendent. However, if you have Netflix (or you’re “borrowing” some friend’s account) give it a try, is really worth it. 

That’s all my movievaures ! I hope you liked it. See you soon for new reviews on literally the most expected movies and Tv Shows of the year. Did someone said Game of Thrones and Avengers, End game?


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