Captain Marvel: the new super hero (no spoilers)

Hello My Movievaures ! I hope you are fine ! I apologise for my absence this last few weeks, but I’ve been travelling a lot. But what’s better for my return than a review about one of the most anticipated films of the year: Captain Marvel?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been reading a lot of negative things about this movie and most of time, about things that don’t have anything to do with the storyline or the movie itself. I will let those aside, as I feel my blog is not the place to talk about this controversial subjects. Instead, let us focus on the actual movie and see if the 2 hours and 5 minutes are worth your time (come on, you know they will be !).


To be completely honest, I’m so excited about Avengers: End Game, that I didn’t put too much expectations on Captain Marvel. I supposed it was going to be a good movie, and that it will add something interesting to the whole Avengers storyline. Certainly, the main character is a woman, which is a good improvement in the Marvel universe, but if you have been reading my articles for a while and my tweets (you can find my twitter account here) you know that I do not prejudge the quality of a film based on these kind of criteria. I’ll judge it after I see it, specially to be sure that the values ​​they are trying to convey are really respected or if it’s just a marketing tool (feminism, more representation of other ethnicities, moral issues…).


So what can I say about Captain Marvel? Well, as I went to the theatres yesterday so it is very fresh in my mind, so no more waiting: I really enjoyed it. However, I think I did because as I said before, I didn’t expect anything from it. The movie in itself is enjoyable, the actions scenes are really good, the choice of actors and actresses is completely fine in my opinion (I know a lot of you will disagree with me) and it’s a good addition to the set of Heroes we already know.


Let me get started with the actors. There has been a lot of controversy since we all discovered that Brie Larson was going to play the role of Captain Marvel (aka Carole Danvers). I don’t quite understand the reason, specially knowing that it all started before everyone got to see the movie. I’ll be completely honest with you, she didn’t blow my mind, but I don’t think is because of her acting. Her character is not a really profound one neither, so is not like she could experiment a lot with it. I know everyone love Robert D Jr as Iron Man and I absolutely agree, he is amazing in that role, but also because Tony Stark is an really enjoyable character to see on screen either. Do I really believe some other actress would have done a better job than Brie Larson? I don’t think so. Don’t forget, they don’t write the dialogues or choose the scenes that will be on the movie. And beside that, I liked her character: a funny (on purpose and not as Wonder Woman) and strong woman, having a hard time to figure out what is real from what are lies. As I said, her performance didn’t blow me away but neither did the movie.


About the other characters, Samuel L. Jackson’s role as a young Nick Fury is just amazing. We are so used to the very serious Fury, but quickly realise he was not always the same. His character is really refreshing and adds so much to Captain Marvel’s storyline. We already knew that the link between Marvel and the Avengers was going to be Fury when we saw him making a last effort to contact her when Thanos made 50% of all living creatures disappear. His sense of humour, his badasness (I invented that I know) and Samuel L.Jackson natural charisma make this character amazing on screen. Ben Mendelsohn is also really good as Talos. I will not spoil too much about his role on the movie, but his double game, mix of seriousness and absolutely hilarious personality is also really enjoyable. I don’t have much to say about Jude Law’s performance as Yon – Rogg as he is as good as always, even with a character as empty as this one. I know, it seems hard to say that but seriously, Yon-Rogg’s story and motives are not really appealing.


If you have never read Captain Marvel’s comics before, you probably don’t know much about her life story (ies) except what you saw on the trailer or maybe what you read on any movie blog. The scenario here, took a lot if inspiration from the comics and the first minutes of the movie try to introduce us to this new storyline: the war between Kree and the Skrulls (the green guys you can see on the trailer) in which Captain Marvel will have a bigger role that the one she expected. I was afraid they were going to take a lot of time to explain every detail of this story, as it is quite complicated and introduces a lot of new characters. However they did a good job, explaining what was necessary to understand Captain Marvel’s past and present, but without taking it too far in terms of details. The rhythm is really good and I didn’t fin myself  waiting for an action scene to free me from boredom.


And about the action scenes? Well, is everything you can expect from a Marvel movie. The combats are amazing, Captain Marvel’s powers are impressive, all the space scenes are quite good too. I will say that what I liked most are the scenes on the weird jet/plane/space ship on earth. I also really liked the Skrulls ability to shape-shift, as the result on screen is really good too. I think that the whole potential of Captain Marvel’s powers and abilities were not fully presented in this first movie. However, I’m completely sure this was made on purpose to show us much much more on Avengers, En game (don’t forget she will play one of the most important roles on beating Thanos).


So, in a few words I will describe Captain Marvel as a “preamble” for what’s next. Obviously, I’m talking about Avengers, End Game. Is not a master piece, but is is enough to excite us for future movies. You can enjoy discovering a new hero, while laughing at simple but efficient jokes and be amazed by good actions scenes. I think there was too much pressure put into this movie and we kind of forgot the goal of this kind of movies: have a good time. 


That is all my Movievaures ! I know is quite a long article but I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments what you thought about the movie and if it excited you more for the new Avengers that will be released on April ! See you soon for another review.



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