The Punisher, Season 2!

Hello My Movievaures ! I hope you are managing to survive this very cold, rainy and dark month of January (at least in Europe).

The positive part is that you have a lot of inside time to binge watch your favorite tv shows, specially if you have Netflix. So you couldn’t miss the fact that Season 2 of The Punisher, was released the 18th of January! As I was away that week I couldn’t watch it right away. But coming back to London, with a shitty weather, left me a lot of time to catch up.

So get into your pyjamas, prepare a cup of tea and start reading my review on one of the most bloody, yet exciting shows of the year.


Of course, you need to have watched season one to read this, as there will be spoilers. However, I will not reveal anything important about the storyline of this new season except what you can already see on the trailer. So, continue or not, this is your choice.

Season 1 left us craving for more, as we left Frank in a very particular situation: Homeland security cleared him out, making believe to anyone that he was dead and leave him life a completely new and anonymous life. After, he almost killed his old best friend, Billy Russo, and left him completely disfigured, everyone thought Frank had had enough:

  • Revenge: done
  • Destroy a state conspiracy: done
  • Save everyone’s life: done
  • Get almost killed, but survive anyways: done


However, a peaceful life is not what Frank Castle seeks, even thought the first minutes of Episode 1 tries to make us think otherwise. We can see him, trying his best to be as “normal” as possible. But, this will not last very long as he will find himself mixed up in a story of corruption, power and influence. Nothing he is not used to though. But as in season 1, there will be two parallel storylines: the first one I mentionned, that includes russians, lots of blood and weird family links. The second one is with Billy Russo.


Yes, as you saw in the trailer, Billy is alive, nevertheless, quite shaken by what happened on season 2. We cannot call him “pretty face” anymore, but can still cause a lot of damage arround him. This storyline follows quite well, Frank’s past and revenge personnality, and the first one will try and show more of his father traits that he couldn’t use with his own daughter and the mercifulness he is able to show.


I have nothing really special to say about the casting, as we have approximately the same characters as season 1, to the exception of  Amy, the new daughter, Krista Dumont, the crazy psychiatrist and John Pilgrim, the avengful priest. All of them are really important in this new storyline and the actors are excellent in their role. I specially loved Josh Steward (aka John Pilgrim) with his totally calm attitude while killing people and reciting the bible all at once. That is what we call multitasking.


The real question that must be burning in your head is if this second season is as good as the first one. I would completely and sincerley say yes. Absolutely. I will not say better, but at least as good as the first one. The actions scenes are amazing, Jon Bernthal is as incredible as ever with his deep voice and crazy face covered in blood, and both of the storylines are captivating. Most of the time, we forget that we cannot always live the feelings we had while watching something for the first time, and for me that is one of the reason people are quite disappointed on second films or seasons. Nevertheless, I didn’t felt like that with The Punisher season 2. I enjoyed every second of it, every broken bone, every bullet, every drop of blood.


In short, you liked the first season? GO AND WATCH THE SECOND ONE. Is so entertaining to see this characters be so intense and cool all the time. Of course, violence is not the answer kids, but sometimes is amusing to see bad guys pay for their sins in a more realistic way than in the Marvel’s Movies. That is actually kind of why I liked so much the Netflix version of Marvel, with Jessica Jones, Daredevil and The Punisher, that in my sense, are much more darker than anything Marvel ever did. 


That is all My Movievaures ! I hope you liked this article on The Punisher season 2. Let me know in the comments what you thought about it. See you soon for another review next week!




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