Black Mirror:Bandersnatch – What an experience!

Hello My Movievaures ! I hope you had a great week and that you enjoyed my last reviex on Bird Box.

Today I’m going to talk about another Netflix’s show that you cannot say you haven’t heard about, specially if you live in the UK: Black Mirror. But I will not talk about the entire show (I don’t have enough time to do that !) , only about the last special episode released in December 2018: Bandersnatch.


As you all know now, I leave in London and I can assure you, during the Christmas period it was just IMPOSSIBLE to walk down the streets without seeing an ad about it. It was absolutely everywhere and I heard people, who have never watch the show before, say that they were going to watch this one…


Why? Well, if you never watched the show before, you should know that Black Mirror is a veeeery special one, and that no episode is link to another one. Is more like a short movie of what the world could become if we let the drifts of technology and society, take precedence over human principles and values.


So, yes, you could totally watch Bandersnatch without even knowing what Black Mirror is actually. However, for the fans of the show (including me), you know exactly what to expect about this new episode, that is more or less a movie, and that kind of feelings you can get by watching it: stress, disgust, anxiety and mainly a total questionning of your reality.


I will not say much about the scenario of Bandersnatch as I prefer you discover it by yourself. I will just say that the last thing I said about how you can feel watching Black Mirror (you know, stress, anxiety, and a questionning of your reality) will be the exact same feelings the main character will live throught the whole episode. He will suffer, because reality is just in our heads…


However, what I need to point out here is the new and amazing kind of experience you will live as a spectator. You will not only see what happens and feel what the character is feeling, but you will choose paths for him… Yes, I said CHOOSE. We finally can do it and I think it is incredible. You know, sometimes when you are watching a movie or a show and you are like “come on turn left” or, “tell her you love her you stupid shit”… well with Bandersnatch you can.


Don’t be too excited though, is not like a videogame. But is still a very good thing to try on. And I also can understand that you cannot choose everything that happens. Not only in a technical way (is still bery difficult and long to create an experience like this for a show) but also in an artistic way. You also need the scenarist, directors and actors to lead you into a story they create, because that is the main goal of the entertainment world: to entertain.


In short, if you are a fan or not I totally advice you to watch Bandersnatch and live this new “active” experience thanks to Netflix. Furthermore, I really think you will enjoy the whole retro ambiance throughout the episode as it takes place in the 80’s. And if you’ve already watch it, let me know what you thought about the episode. Did you enjoy the fact that you could choose paths for your character? Did you liked the story in itself? Have you questionned reality since then? I will really enjoy reading your comments! 

Have an excellent start of the week and see you soon for another article in The Movievaures !



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