Bird Box, the new Netflix success!

Happy New year to all of you !!!! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas holidays and that you feel fresh and new to enjoy another year of amazing movies and shows !


I will start 2019 with a review on a movie, everyone has been talking about since it release in december 13th: Bird Box. And when I say everyone has been talking about it, I literaly mean EVERYONE. From Twitter, to Facebook, memes on 9GAG and of course all the promotion done by Netflix itself, it seemed like nobody could escape the Bird Box effect.

I just came back from holiday and to be honest I didn’t have the time to watch it on december. I enjoyed this first quiet weekend, without the excesses of the holidays (you know exactly what I mean), to rest and do what I do best: watching movies.


So, does Bird Box deserves all this craze all around it? This is my opinion:

But first, MINI SPOILER ALERT! If you’re used to reading my articles, you know that I never reveal any major detail of the storyline. However, I know that some of you really like to discover every single part of a movie/tv show on your own, so if you are one of those, go and watch this movie and then come back to see if you agree, or not, with my review. For the other ones, we can go on…

I was quite surprised to see that a movie about the end of human kind brought by a mysterious entity killing everyone was such a success. Indeed, this genre seemed a little bit overrrated, letting TV Shows such as The Walking Dead take the lead. However, I think that because it was a Netflix’s movie, with an easy access (no need to go to theatres to see it), the word was spread very quickly that it was not a shitty movie as we were starting to get used to.


I will not say much about the storyline in istelf, as to be honest I feel there is not much to say. Is quite a tipical kind of survival story, with a group of people that start the movie and die one by one killed by this entity or by other human beings that become completely crazy. However, the special detail about Bird Box is that the killing is made by seeing the entity and then you have the urge to kill yourself. That is why, you have seen Sandra Bullock with a blind fold all around. So, if I needed to summarize really quickly Bird Box I would say is a mix of The Happening and A quiet place.


As I said, I don’t think the story of this movie is the golden nugget here, but rather the acting, the past-present jumps and the relationship between the kids and Malorie (played by SB). The acting here is remarquable. Sandra Bullock plays amazingly this distant woman character who will do whatever she needs to survive, but without never forgetting her human values. She manages to be this strong woman, sometimes really cold but still having this warm personnality when she saves, helps and comforts other people, specially the kids. About them, the actors are also really good. Specially the girl’s one. She is sweet, but with a very intelligent look and her actions made us love her but also die of stress during some particular scences.


Also, as I said before, the time in this movie is very important as we don’t follow Malorie and the kids in a chronological way. We know, since the beginning that they survived until one point (wich is when they are in the river) but we don’t what will happen next. We understand little by little, how they arrived there and why on earth they need to follow a river, blind folded in a boat that seems to be an old carcass. This is a very exciting way to follow their story and keeps the momentum through out the movie.


In short, I think is a good movie to watch on Netflix if you are a subscriber. You will enjoy it for sure, and if you are not a fan of the horror genre, it will be fine because is not very bloody or anything but you still have the suspense. However, I don’t think it deservers as much attention as it has been given since December. Yes, it is a good movie but is not an outstanding one. At least that is my opinion. 


This is it My Movievaures ! I hope you enjoyed this first article of the year and feel free to tell me if you agree or not with me about Bird Box.

See you next week for a new article!

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