Aquaman: will it finally save DC?

Hello my Movievaures ! I hope you had the chance to read my last review on The Haunting of Hill House. If not, you can find it here.

Today I will speak about a complete different genre : super hero movies. But not any super hero, one of the first characters in the DC world: AQUAMAN.

I know is not always the most appealing character, as it was mocked a lot because of his super power that was not as “sexy” as Superman’s ones. However, I believe that when are able to control the ENTIRE oceans in the whole world, you are a badass. And this new movie was all about enhancing this character too long left out in DC’s cinematic universe.


So did it kept his promises ? Did it manage to save DC from this horrible vicious circle of BAD BAD movies?

Well… let me tell you what I thought about Aquaman. But before starting, just to let you know, there are no spoilers in this article so you can go on without any fear.

So, where to start? To be completely honest, I was not ecpeting too much from movie, as the last DC, Justice League (you can read my article on it here) was really not good. DC has this history of bad movies and only Wonder Woman managed to keep up in front of amazing stories in the Marvel Universe. So, when Aquaman ended, I was more surprised by the fact that I had a good time, than really focusing on things that were not very good.

Now, with some hindisight, I see somme issues that need to be fixed for the next movies. However, there is a lot of potential. So, as I’m French, I will start the negative points of Aquaman, but then I will highlight what I liked about it.


First of all, the dialogues… just, seriously? How can they be that bad? I get that they want to make the character funny and approachable, but it makes you feel more awkward than amused. The jokes are must of the time, really really bad. And even the serious dialogues between character are weird. It doesn’t really feel as to human beings (or humanoides) talking. They tried to remain faithful to the style of the comics, with very slow conversations, and some clichés about the good, the bad, honor and even love. And talking about love,  seriously, the “cute” scenes between Mera and Aquaman… SO AWKWARD.


Secondly, slow motion scenes and music… I know that this is also an action movie, so you need to work on the inspiring music, and the motion effects to really give this WOW impression. However, and as always, too much is the enemy of good. They clearly exaggerated with slow motion in EVERY action scene. And common, they created a specific music for each appearance of Aquaman, and they clearly used every single time, as we, spectators, cannot understand what is happening in front of our eyes and they needed to say “pay attention, Aquaman is being cool right now”.


However, something that I need to aknowledge is that the actions scenes are spectacular. The combats are amazing as you can appreciate the whole superpowers of each and every sea person in the movie. And you totally want to see that. The first action scene with Nicole Kidman is just awesome and you really feel empowered as a woman, because you have so many examples of them being such badass. Even sometimes, the music was really good and was an effective accompaniment to appreciate even more these fight scenes.


Moreover, the CGI was very good. They created a whole underwater universe that is just magic to our eyes. The colours are mind blowing, the cities extraordinary and the creatures could have been taken from your dreams, or from your worse nightmares. In fact, you can see that there was real effort put into bringing to life the whole comic universe of Aquaman.


And finally the plot. I can’t say that the storyline is perfect and that it is a piece of art. Clichés are there, the momentum is quite the same as any other super heroe movies. However, it has sense, and I know it is weird to say this but you never feel like you don’t understand what is happening. Not as in Batman Vs Superman, when they stopped fighting because their mother has the same name. There is whole plot about family, responsabilities, kingdoms falling, war, even pollution and the environment. The subjects are never like profound and philisophical, but if you really want that go and see a Woody Allen movie for that, and not Aquaman !


Special mention also to the cast, and specially to Jason Momoa, in with whom is quite easy to picture Aquaman, with his long hair, muscular body and even his own culture, very close to the sea.

In short, is really not an amazing movie at all, but you can have fun seeing Aquaman fighting some bad guys and being a jerk at 99% of the people that surrounds him. This movie will not save DC’s reputation, but it will not get worse as it did with Batman Vs Superman or Justice League. There still a lot to do to catch up Wonder Woman success, but I’m pretty sure they can do a better job in the 2nd movie (at is quite sure there will be one) if the try an correct the mistakes that I pointed out above. 


I hope you like this article on the latest DC’s movie and that it helped you to decide if yes or no you are going to see in theaters. In the meantime feel free to give me your feedback on this review, and on the movie if you’ve already seen it.

Merry Christmas to all of you and Happy holidays !!


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