The Haunting of Hill House: if you need a big fright !

Hello My Movievaures ! I hope you had a great week and enjoyed my last article on Fantastic Beasts 2 (you can find it here if you haven’t read it yet).

Today I want to speak about a good discovery I made while I was alone at home. It was not a very good idea to start it like that, but I’m glad I did it. I’m talking about The Haunting of Hill House. This show will be a golden nugget for all the lovers of horror movies, but if you really really don’t like them, keep away from this show. Like, for real.

Because I love horror movies and there were moments in which I was really scared. And I don’t scare easily. This show gave me the chills, but it was an excellent experience ! Netflix completely manage to depict the suffering and destruction of a beautiful family, broken by a powerful darkness.


All along the 10 episodes, we will follow the Crain family in their most horrible nightmares and they will have a hard time waking up, and you with them. You will be alternating between two timelines, as you will see flashbacks of the Crain kids and parents being bullied and mistreated by evil ghosts and then all the repercussion of that gloomy childhood in their adult lifes.


You can compare this show to a very dark and frightening version of This is us. Yeah, I know it’s a very weird assmilation but hear me out. Both are loving families, traumatized by an awful event that happened in the past and we follow their story as they try to cope with all the pshycological issues resulting from that tragic moment in their lives. Unlike This is us, The Haunting of Hill house involves monsters, ghosts, blood, and creepy music, which is very exciting.


The characters are very interesting and plural. Each one has a specific personality of its own, with their flaws and ways to deal with the supernatural world that surrounds them. This is quite different from most horror movies, as in 2 hours is quite difficult to create really profound characters as the main focus is to scare you and not to appreciate the people that is been tortured. With 10 episode, we get to know this family, each and individual stories. How they grew up and how they see and remember some particular events that they lived all together.


There is also a lot of symbolism throughout this show. The number 7 is quite important, as it is the role of each member of the Crain family. Time has huge part in the plot. Without revealing anything, I must say that the whole storyline seems quite easy to understand at the beginning but you quickly realize, with incredible twists, how naive you were by thinking that it was just a simple horror tv show.


In short, if you love the horror genre you will be astonished by this show. You will be scared, of course but not only. You will be completely surprise by the quality of the plot, the profoundness of the characters, the hard work put into symbolism and the atmosphere. I completely recommend this show! 


Thank you for reading my last article on The Haunting of Hill house. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think about it in the comments or in my twitter account @VanessaPenel. See you soon on The Movievaures.


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