VENOM: is it worth a Marvel? (No spoilers)

Hello my Movievaures ! I hope you had a great week.

Today I want to speak about one of the most anticipated movies of this fall: VENOM.

As you already know, I’m a huge fan of Tom Hardy, but also of the Spider Man universe. So I was thrilled when they announced Venom’s release for this year! I could only expect the perfect combo : Tom Hardy’s darkness, with Venom’s violence.

However naively, I did not think of all the power games, and the interests of the different productions … Unfortunately for this film, the consequences were much more negative than expected.


Indeed, we are talking here about one of the most violent and scary anti-heros of the marvel universe: Venom. We expect blood, we expect horror and we expect darkness… Here we barely have violence. The movie was rated PG 13 and that was the first mistake. The movie has no blood, nothing really gore and absolutely no scary scenes. This is very disappointing from a movie that needed to stand out from movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming in which we totally accept the abscence of hemoglobin.


But if we leave aside this lack of representation of the character in the comics, what can we say more about Venom? Does it deserve to be slaughtered by critics? I would say no, but it does not deserve praise either. I must say that it seems  that things were done halfway. The scenario lacks a real consistency and it is difficult to understand the motivations behind the symbiosis that controls Eddie Brock. Not to mention a long implementation of Brock’s character in his normal life and the introduction of the villain of the film which lacks real charisma to really represent a danger in the movie.


To say that it’s a rotten film is exaggerated. Tom Hardy does an excellent job as an actor. His on-screen presence is undeniably exquisite and represents both Eddie’s frightened character and the monster that is Venom. It must be said, he saves much of the film. The action scenes are also an interesting part of the film, with Venom’s powers finally highlighted as they should be and a humor that remains refreshing, especially coming out of the mouth of an inhuman creature, which ultimately has more humanity than we think.


In short, I would say that the film is worth seeing at least for Tom Hardy and the awesome images of the symbiote and his fights. Nevertheless, it will take much more than that to try to be at the height of the universe that Marvel has been building for years. It’s a shame, for a film that had everything: the story, the actor, the budget … If the box office box and the second film is confirmed, I hope they will learn from their mistakes and do something better. In any case they will not have much choice, otherwise Tom Hardy will do everything not to continue in this trilogy.

Here is the end of my review on Venom. I hope you are not very disappointed. I was quite a bit, but still enjoyed seeing it in theatres. I’ll let you make your own opinion. I just hope Venom will have a second chance! See you soon my Moviavaures, and feel free to comment if you agree with my review.

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