Solo: a Star Wars story….

Hello My movievaures ! I hope you had a great week and that you enjoyed my last article on Taboo (you can find it here if you haven’t read it).

Today I want to talk about a movie that I watched a while ago but didn’t have the strenght or courage to write an article about ; the last Star Wars Movie : Solo.

Maybe I’m a little but dramatic here, but it actually vas very hard for a Star Wars fan to actually not like one of the movies. I was absolutely surprised by Star Wars: the force awakens . And then completely astonished by Rogue One. I really thought that this new movies were going to be as good as the last trologies.

But then, Solo: a star wars story arrived. When I saw the first trailer I was as excited as a kid with a new toy at Christmas.  A story about how Han became the Han Solo we all know, was a great idea in my opinion. However, a story like that needed consistency, good action, reminders of the stories we already know and a good new story line.


Unfortunately, Solo only had the good actions scenes and Chewbacca. Every other character was botched and very superficial.  At the end, it feels like we don’t get to know more about Han that we already knew; in terms of character I mean. I don’t feel the acting game was the issue here, but more the construction of the storyline and what the movie tried to highlight.


They tried to introduce new characters such as Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke) to make Han Solo’s character more profound and also explain why he trusts very few people. However, there was nothing there ! Seriously, they could have created this terrible love story with passion and betrayal; cliche maybe, but really much more better that the real relationship. There is love, but we don’t feel this real connection between Qi’ra and Han. We don’t really understand neither Qi’ra’s choice at the end of the movie or even the way Han reacts to it. To be very honest, I really didn’t like how they pictured this love story that could have been a great introduction into Han Solo’s heart.


And Lando ! What can I say about him? Well not that bad, but it could be better. Again, Donald Glover did a good job as an actor, but once again it felt like we really don’t know anything more about his character who is absolutely crucial in the first saga. I read a few articles on Lando’s sexuality and to be honest, I don’t even understand how so many articles can speak about this when we don’t see a thing about that during the movie. I would say that is not even the point of the story, but that is another subject.


Once again, secondary characters helped make this journey a little bit less painful. The droids were amazing, specially L3-37 speaking about droid’s rights and how they are mistreated by humans and other species. Chewy was as amazing as ever and we kind of understand a litte more about his relationship with Han. And Dryden Vos (the bad guy) did a very good job, as I hated him from the beginning, and that is the whole point of his character.


In short, what a disappointment. Such a potential wasted and now it will be very difficult to make up for this mistake and give Han Solo’s the story he really deserves. The only positives things here were Chewy, seeing again the Millennium Falcon and funny droids. But nothing exceptional, as are the other movies from this fantastic universe of STAR WARS. 


This is the end of this very sad and a little harsh article on Solo: a star wars story. I believe I tried my best to be as objective as I could be, even if it was hard. Let me know what you think about it in the comments !

See you next time for my new article on Venom (oh yeah!).


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