Marco Polo, an abandoned TV Show

Hello my Movievaures ! I hope you had a great week. I was on vacation this week and had time to finish one of my current TV shows : Marco Polo (you can watch the trailer here)

What? You never heard anything about it? You thought it was only an explorer? Well, don’t feel any shame, because this show was never very well known and I only discovered it luckily by scrolling and scrolling and… scrolling on Netflix. And above all, this show was cancelled after 2 seasons.. And all I can say is : what a shame !


When you Imagine how many shows there are in Netflix, with a lot of them being a complete waste of time (just being realistic here) I’m very surprised that this show was cancelled in the middle of an interesting storyline. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a life change show, amazing, a masterpiece, but needs more than the pitiful attention it got.


Without spoiling you anything, let me tell you a little bit more about this show.  The story begins with the reunion between Marco and his father who has been travelling the East for many years. Marco wants to have a relationship with this father that he barely knows and only heard stories about his incredible journeys. He leaves with him to another one if his adventures, not knowing this will be the last time he sees his homeland (Italy) for many years. And that’s how Marco will found himself in Mongolia, with the great Khan (emperor of Mongolia) a few years later, at his service leaving behind him everything he knew and all the dreams he had with his father.

giphy1The first season is centered in this new life in Mongolia and seeing how Marco tries to fit in a world totally different of his own. The second one, will show more of the flaws and weaknesses of the Mongolian empire and how Marco will fight to show his loyalty to the family who welcomed him all this years. But to know more about it, the details, the conspiracies, the relationships, the deep subjects and the amazing combat scenes you will need to watch this show as I’m not telling you anything else. jyl25g9However, what I will tell you is that this show has an interesting storyline, based on some real events, with great actors playing complex characters, and a real consitency in an overall (something that is not always found in TV shows today).  It was released in 2014 and maybe at that time some of you spoke about it and watched it, but Netflix being what it is today I’m quite surprised this show has no future whatsoever.


I totally believe is a shame, as I lost myself a few times in Netflix, realizing that the creation of new series has become such a money machine that the quality is starting to fail. Not that this show was like an old Game of Thrones, or even like Taboo (another Tv Show I will speak about later) that are masterpieces, but the story should not be incomplete as it is now. 


This is the end of my article on Marco Polo. I will be glad to know if some of you already watched it and to know what you thought about it. Do you also think is it a shame that is has been cancelled or not? Feel free to comment 🙂

See you soon for another review on the Movievaures !


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