The Lion King, the musical

Hello my Movievaures ! I hope you’re good. No, you didn’t misread, today I’m going to talk about The Lion King, but not the movie, the musical.

It has been played for years now in London and in other countries too, and it clearly has been a success everywhere. There is a reason to that, this show is amazing and every single way !

Let me tell you why:

First of all, if you loved the story of Simba, his family and friends, you’ll relive everything once again but with a total different perspective, as you’re not watchinga movie anymore but looking at actors playing their role and singing. You will live again the birth, rise and fall of Simba, his doubts and his adventures, his love and friendship with excellent songs and voices.


Because another incredible thing in this musical, which is expected but you’re still surprised when you’re living it, is the actors’ voices. Seriously, they can sing better than most of the known singers of our time and nothing is faked. One who really dazzled me with her voice is the actress playing Rafiki… Just WOW.


But the acting has nothing to envy to the songs. We must not forget that they are humans who play animals of all kinds and for this to be credible, without being ridiculous, the actors must be good and they are.


Nevertheless, we must absolutely not leave aside the incredible scenery and costumes that immerse us completely in the world of the Lion King. Since the beginning we’re blown away as the first scene is breathtaking. The music slowly begins but surely, the first sunshines appear then a sudden explosion of colors and you truly believe you are in the savannah. Honestly, I was shocked by so much awesomness.


In short, this musical was a new experience for me, and one I will never forget. The songs, the costumes, the screenplay, everything was incredible and everything made me relive with as much emotion as at my 5 years, the incredible story of the little lion destined to be king. If you are visiting London, do not hesitate to take a ticket for this wonderful show, described today as a “must see” during a visit to the country of tea and scones. 


That’s all for this article my Movievaures. I really hope you liked this new and different review on my blog. Feel free to comment and let me know what you thought about it!


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