Movies to watch on an Airplane !

Hello My Movievaures! I hope you’re good and that you enjoyed the last article on Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom.

A few days ago I went to San Francisco and I had 11 hours of airplane nightmare (yes, I really hate flying) and I needed a way to distract myself from the fact that I was thousands of meters from the ground, on a mechanical engine that I can’t control. So, what is better than a very good movie? For me nothing (except watching the movie on the ground :P).


This was the perfect opportunity to watch some very popular movies that I didn’t have the time to watch before:

  • The Greatest showman

What can change more your mind than Hugh Jackman singing and dancing? Nothing ! Without spoiling everything, the film is inspired by the story of P. T. Barnum’s creation of the Barnum & Bailey Circus and the lives of its star attractions. Jacjman’s interpretation of this character’s life story is very touching and makes you re think about the importance of succes and wealth over your family and friends.


I would say, is not a life-changing kind of movie, but is very enjoyable to watch if you are stocked on an airplane for 11 hours. Moreover, the musical type here is bearable (as you know, I’m not in love with movie musicals) and I would say, I sometimes even liked it so don’t miss the movie only if you don’t really like seeing people singing and dancing in weirds situations. The Greates showman is still a show you want to watch!

  • The shape of water

You hasn’t heard about this movie before? It won so many different awards (Academy Awards, Golden Globes…) screened in Toronto international film festival and acclamed by critics. So how on earth, as I claim myself a movie lover, I didn’t watch this movie before? Well let me tell you a very fun fact about me: I’m very likely to be disappointed about a movie when this kind of “intellectual” friends and critics tell me is the best movie they have seen.


Don’t get me wrong, I like profounds characters, philosophical stories and realistic staging, but  I don’t appreciate snob people telling me that I need to see a film, because is life changing when in fact is just very boring. So I decided to overcome this and watch it in the plane. To be honest, I didn’t really like it. I totally understand why it was acclaimed : poetic movie, with interesting characters and a beautiful screenplay. However, a few times a felt very uncomfortable (and I’m not a fragile little thing) and it was very difficult for me to identify myself with the main character and understand her love for this being. Totally glad I watched it in the plane and not in theatres.

  • Jumanji: welcome to the jungle

If you want to relive the same feelings and emotions you felt while watching the first Jumanji, don’t watch this movie. This movie is totally different than it’s prequel and it was intended for: the casing, the storyline, everything. So if you don’t want to be disappointed watch it with a free state of mind and like it is a totally new movie, and that is why I did. You know what, I was really happy The Rock was making me laugh when there was turbulence! So maybe I was not very objective, but it doesn’t mind.


I feel like Jumanji, welcome to the jungle has fulfilled his role as a funny movie you only want to watch once. We are starting to get used to Dwayne Johnson as a face we see in action films and comedies; the “have a good time, while your brain is off” kind of movie. This movie is exaclty the same and I’m not even bothered by that. Set twenty-one years after the first movie , it follows four teenagers who are transported into a video game.  Joining another player that has been stucked there for years, they must overcome the game’s magical power to win and return home. Nothing we haven’t heard before, so don’t expect much!

So this is the end of my article, on some movies I watched while I was stucked in an airplane for hours. I didn’t loved them but it was a great opportunity to watch them as everyone was talking about them when they came out. Maybe it will give you an idea of what to watch for your next trip. 


I hope you liked this format and let me know in the comments below. See you next time for a new article on The Movievaures 🙂

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