Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I know … I’m late… but anyways, I’m finally here to talk about one of the most anticipated dinosaure’s movie of the year: Jurassic world, fallen kindom. 

We’ve been reintroduced to this amazing story in 2015 by Colin Trevorrow after the incredible success of Jurassic Park in 1993. Who doesn’t remember being completely amazed by this dinosaures and the chance the characters had to live in a world were science let that happened? Well, even if I was also really scared by the raptors (remember the kitchen scene!!!) and the rex.


The 2015 movie was really good, specially for a story that we already know with mythical characters. But Trevorrow and his casting ( Chris Pratt & Bryce Dallas Howard) managed to create their own story while remaining truthful to the original one.

So what about Fallen Kingdom? We all know there is a huge probability that the 2nd movie will not be as good as the first one and I believe here is the case too. However, don’t be disappointed, it’s worth it to see it anyway and here is why:

Jurassic World 2 is the kind of movie that is enjoyable, but you can clearly see that its objective is to be a transition between two stories: Jurassic Wolrd 1 and the third movie which release has been confirmed. The movie focus on the destruction of the island, the place in which the first movie took place and where all the dinosaures were left alone after the catastrophic events that killed many people on the park.


A lot of philisophical questions are bring to the table in Fallen Kingdom, as we see people, governments, charities discuss about the future of the dinousaure kind, and debate on knowing if we should try to save them from destruction, even if they were not supposed to exist anymore anyways.  And even if this movie focus on Dinosaures, for me it showed more about humankind issues and contrast between those who are driven by money and power and those who want the world to become a better place. Yes, I know is kind of goofy but we cannot deny is a reality today.

The main difference with previous films is that this time the “bad guys” want to use the scientific knowledge behind the creation of new dinosaures for money, military goals and destruction. This kind of pleases me as I always thought it was kind of weird that no one tried to use this knowledge for something else than creating a theme park for amusement.


But even if I really enjoyed seeing this movie, and as I said before, it really felt like an intermediary between two storylines and some things felt quite incomplete. However, it feels like all this questions we have will be answered in the third movie for our great pleasure !

In summary: good movie and it is worth your money, but don’t expect too much of it. Sit, relaw, have some popcorn and enjoy your trip into Fallen Kingdom!


Here’s the end of this article and I hope you enjoyed it ! As I was late and I know the movie was released a few weeks earlier I told more about story in itself but without spoling you the important parts ;). Let me know what you thougth about this new movie!

See you next time for a new article on The Movievaures !

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